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The power ups and collectibles in "Cheftastic!: Buffet Blast".

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It’s been a while since we gave you all an update on the development of “Cheftastic!: Buffet Blast”. It is with great pleasure that I can finally bring everyone up to speed. We have shuffled things around a fair bit to make “cheftastic” more enjoyable for a larger audience and an all-round improved gaming experience.


We're going to give you a glimpse at the fleet of power ups at the chef's disposal out in the battlefield. Defensive abilities will keep you fighting till the end then call in support on the offence and push back the waves of sentient ingredients seeking revenge.

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Crack open a juicy can of Not a Goose energy to give you a burst of speed. You'll need this when things get that little bit overwhelming, it will easily get you out of hairy situations. Hurry though because it wont last forever and you don't want to run yourself into more trouble!



Deploy an automated turret to help you fend off waves of mutant veg. The turret will watch your back while you focus on getting yourself out a predicament; however, with a decreased fire rate you shouldn't rely on it too much.



Arm yourself with giant saltshakers. You will be praying for one of these whilst backed into a corner. Two oversized saltshakers which hurtle around chef protecting them from close range attacks.



Throw down a blender into the battlefield to mince through foes. Hopefully, you are fortunate enough to get one of these on a bridge. The blades hurtle around at tremendous speed slicing any enemy it encounters, use it to your advantage and kite them into their ultimate demise.


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Power up your ammo with a reinforced round to, transform the level into bullet hell as you rain unholy amounts of fire power onto the monstrosities around you.



Across all the biomes there are an abundance of collectables to gather to contribute towards your score in game. Gold, Silver, Bronze treats and utensils are clustered across the levels to reward you for your effort! Rack up the most points by progressing into the longer more intense waves and show off your highest score; make sure you bank the points when you can before it gets too much for you to handle.



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WillBrown Author

Thanks! We’ve been thoroughly enjoying testing these out

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