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There are 4 types of power-ups in Rough Rush: turbo boost, flying, shield and invisibility. Turbo and flying are with you all the time while shield and invisibility can be collected on the road. All of them will be very helpful in your journey!

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Power-ups in Rough Rush

Turbo boost



When activated, turbo boost makes you invincible, increases the speed of your car and lets you crash anything that is in your way - robots and obstacles alike. In order to get turbo boost, you have to collect gears and destroy robots. This will fill the yellow turbo bar, which is at the top. Turbo boost works for a certain amount of time, which can be increased if you upgrade the power-up (upgrading requires gears). Once the turbo boost runs out, your car returns to normal speed.



Flying allows you to move up vertically and avoid obstacles, collect items in the top level and destroy flying robots. The boost fills up automatically after you land. You can find the flying power-up bar at the top of the screen. Like turbo, the duration of flying can be upgraded by using gears.



Shield is a power-up, which can be collected on the road in a blue box with a shield icon. The shield protects the car for a certain amount of time and allows you to crash robots and obstacles. You can see how much time there is left for the power-up to the right of the car on a clock-like icon or by pressing pause. The duration of the shield can be upgraded by using gears.



Invisibility is a power-up which makes you undetectable to robots and enables you to pass through the enemies and obstacles. It can be collected on the road in a yellow box. Invisibility is very useful when you need to survive and gather gears or power-ups. Just like the shield, this power-up has time indicator next to the car and can also be seen on pause menu. The duration of the invisibility can be upgraded by using gears.

Which power-up do you like the best?
What other power-ups would you like to see in Rough Rush?

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