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A short tutorial on mutant assault and how its played.

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Mutant Assault is a gameplay mode where are a part of a team of defenders, and the mutants are the attackers. The attacks goal is to try to take all the control points on the map, while the defenders goal is obviously to hold them. Control points held by the defenders show up as blue on the map, and ones the attackers have captured turn red, neutral control points show up as white.

At the start of mutant assault, you will be spawned off one of your control points, you will be able to move around while in spawn mode, and can select different control points by right clicking. If your team holds any bonus control points, middle mouse will select these, if your team has any allies, middle mouse will allow you to spawn off their control points.

Just like in San Casina, money is very important in Mutant Assault, it is used to buy weapons, armor, and items, as well as special spawn characters.

Each time a unit dies, they are forced to go through the re-spawn countdown, this is usually 15 seconds, once it hits zero they will be allowed to spawn by left clicking. While waiting to re-spawn you can change your perks by pressing numpad ‘*’ and going through the perks menus as described above. You can also select special spawn characters by pressing numpad keys 0-9. Pressing numpad ‘.’ lists off the available purchasable characters. If you buy a spawn character and decide you don’t want it, press the number again before spawning to sell it back.

As a game of Mutant Assault plays, the difficulty well slowly increase, if the defenders are doing really well, the attackers will gain special abilities to use against them, if the defenders continue to hold up well they will get these abilities more often.

The attackers win if all the control points are captured, the defenders win if they survive until the time limit expires (usually 30 minutes).

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