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Pretty much like any game with death match, but here are the details anyways!

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In this game mode you earn points by killing or damaging other players. Server owners can choose how the game ends, and can change how scoring works. Player with the highest score wins. Some maps have vehicles, but most are infantry only. Weapons are spawned about a minute into the game, some of the higher tier guns take longer to spawn.

Players get points by killing or damaging other players or vehicles. Killing another player gains the killer 100 points, and each point of damage gains 1 point. If a player kills a vehicle they get 50 points, and about half a point per point of damage.

The game can end two ways, the first is by time limit, once the time limit expires players with the highest score are the winner. The second if a player reaches the kill limit the game ends; however, if that player does not have the highest score they are still not the winner.

Finally a few things that the player should note. If a vehicle has no other players nearby it, it cannot take damage or be destroyed. Phone Purchases are allowed at 10x the cost. So feel free to buy your vehicles if you have the wallet.

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