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This is talking about he NVA units so far.........

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NVA Units

NVA don't have Upgrades! Due to there gurilla warfare tactics, and not being in a area long enough.

Light Infantry(12)

7 Ak-47 Riflemen
2 RPG-2 Soldiers
2 SKS Riflemen
1 Captain SKS

Rice Patty Squad (10)
10 SkS Riflemen
Very low accurcy and Health

Morter Team(2)
1 Spotter/Asst. Loader
1 Launcher/Loader

Sniper (1)
1 Dragunov sniper

Machine Gun Crew (2)
1 Gunner RPK
1 Loader with SKS

Vietcong Sappers (6)
1 Lead Sapper
4 SKS Sappers
1 Equipment Carrier


UAZ 469 (1)
1 Driver
1 RPK Gunner

T-54 (1)
1 Driver
1 Main Gun Gunner
1 Loader

1 RPK Gunner

Call-in Aircraft

MIG-17 (2)
2 23 mm
NR-23 cannons
1 37 mm N-37 cannon
2 200lbs Bombs

MIG-21 (2)
1 NR-30 Cannon
2 Kh-66 Radar Guided Air-to-Air Missles
1 150lbs Bomb

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