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A quick look at the shell cities most promising young hunter, Cess, the rule breaker with a rare and powerful weapon.

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Cess Sculpture

Cess, a Seeka hunter, comes to Keena's small village on errands for her city, dragging Keena along with her as an apprentice and friend.

Cess grew up an orphan after an Atla attack early in her life. She grew resentful of the authoritarian nature of their neighbors and struggled to fit in with her peers, making few friends, but constantly pushing herself, Cess was often seen as a showoff, but the elders of her pod saw her potential as a hunter.

Cess is quickly fascinated with her little Miura envoy, and finds an unlikely friend far from home. Ultimately being sent off to do chores as a punishment, she winds up enjoying the trip thanks to Keena, and demands for her to come visit her home after completing the assignment.

Cess is confident, has a curious nature, is nosy and rowdy, often picking fights with others and quick to jump into any trial or challenge. Despite her talents she struggles to assert herself amongst her pod, but clearly cares deeply about her home and the elders opinion.

Cess Feature

Cess's design contrasts quite heavily to Keena and, like most of Miuratale's merfolk races, is based heavily on sea life. In the Seeka's case, the Blue Marlin. A striking blue, white, and gold oceanic fish. Like the fish, Seeka are hunters that are very fast and strong.

Cess is a natural explorer and loves to find rare treasures, her greatest find of all was her harpoon gun she named "Chimera", and has altered it to fit her needs as a hunting weapon. The darts she uses are very effective and she values them greatly, the glowing blue crystal tips seem nearly indestructible.

Cess Ref

Cess is constantly looking for excitement and challenges, and after meeting Keena, seems keen to share these attributes with her new friend. She's talented but reckless, and her antics may wind up getting them both into a lot of trouble.

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