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This is the official dev blog of Miuratale, you will find unfinished, pre-alpha, and generally rough footage and shots of the game here.

Miuratale is a mermaid game about an ancient force of heroes known as the Trident Warriors who seek to eliminate the primordial evil known as Corruption.

Keena, a red-finned Miura mermaid, takes care of her pods youngest pups when their routine is suddenly shaken up by an envoy of a distant Seeka city. Cess, brave and restless, becomes fast friends with the little Miura and drags her along on a journey that is soon interrupted by powerful earthquakes and strange, otherworldly creatures.

Dive deep into the endless ocean as Keena acquires the powerful spirit trident and takes on menacing sharks, squids, and sirens with a variety of spells, powers, and tools.

Will the babysitter of a small Miura village have a chance against the power of corruption?

Embrace the Ocean
A massive world that is explored from both side-scrolling angles, and a highly detailed and fully 3D world-map that allows players the freedom to find treasures, ruins, caves, oddities, and trials.

A True RPG
Level up, gain abilities, use tools, and equipment as Keena's powers grow, but don't underestimate your foe. They too grow more powerful and unlock abilities. Craft your armor, cook your healthy dishes, and fill your bag with potions, you will need them!

Fluid Controls
Experience the ocean with highly refined controls that allow Keena to effortlessly flow through the seas. Breech high into the air, flip and spin, or just casually swim! The water is yours to control.

A Deep Story
Engage with a cast of colorful characters and beautiful locations. Take in the cultures of the Miura, Seeka, and Atla mermaids, and discover the mystery of the psionic Sirens as you dive into the world of Miuratale.

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Road to Alpha

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With 3 chapters of the script transcribed into the game, about halfway through, I wanted to write out my plan for the upcoming first alpha!

This version of the game will be fully playable from beginning to end, with all activities, combat, and main story content functioning and applied in the world.


The Queen of Ice

The first alpha will not have side dialogue, and will still require quite a bit more work on all fronts. Combat needs some serious balancing, crafting and equipment are still in an early state, so this is by no means the end of the road for us.

With the main story dialogue in the game though, we can start focusing on putting all the puzzle pieces together. After the dialogue I'll be jumping straight into the mini-games, all of which haven't been touched since after the prototype. Treasure hunts, Tarot, Clashing Fates, Racing, and Clamball, so let's dive into these!

treasure hunter

Our resident Treasure Hunter

Treasure hunting is a fairly important minigame, as it sets up the future of where I'd like to take the game in future expansions. Fully 3D areas that are explored in depth. While this releases version will feature puzzles and traps, I want to experiment with taking our current combat system and altering it to work in full 3D as well. Treasure Hunting allows players to experience a few key area's from Keena's perspective, and discover some great resources to help on your journey.

Tarot is a fairly recent addition but one I really want to focus on soon. Inspired by a similar system found in Path of Exile, the Tarot deck allows players to give themselves random challenges in combat, to gain various rewards of their choice.


The Atla, the only 'true civilization' of the sea

Clashing Fate's is a dice matching game. Players draw cards with numbers that their dice must match after 3 rolls. Choose to reroll or hold, with the opportunity for your opponent to steal. Players wager mysterious, and ancient 'fate gems'. The Siren Merchant is always happy to play, and will be your challenger if you wish to test your fate.

Mermaid's love to swim, and naturally, the fast ones love to race as well. Test your speed and endurance against the others, but beware of the increasingly precise turns and corners of the tracks. The Seeka love to tempt danger, and their racing can get rough.


Ice Maiden's cast their magic at any intruders

The final activity is Clamball, an intense turn based soccer-style game where players have to charge or pass to get their clamball into the opponents goal. The game requires 4 players on both sides, 3 attackers and a goalie. Navigate the field, manage your stamina, and take your shot! A favorite Miura pastime.

With those done we will be much closer to the alpha. Immediately following this we will need to finish the boss fights (About 4 more to go), finalize the world map, and drop in all of the conversation events, battle triggers, loot, and resources into each level.

I'm also considering an early access Beta build, this version of the game will need polish and will not have cutscenes and some minor side content, but would be released for less than half price and give early adopters a chance to give their feedback and jump in while the price is low.

My soft release date right now is September, this gives us plenty of time in case we hit a snag somewhere, especially with the minigames. The rest of the game should fall into place, so I'm expecting things to go smooth afterwards!

If you'd like to follow us on Steam, it would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you for reading and I'll see you next time!



Miuratale transcribing is done!

Miuratale transcribing is done!


With the story transcribed, we move on to minigames and finishing boss fights!

Miuratale Dev Vlog 1

Miuratale Dev Vlog 1


The first dev vlog of Miuratale is out! This short video showcases the total rework of Keena and her animations, as well as a small peak at general gameplay...

Miuratale : To-Do List and Dark Age of Development

Miuratale : To-Do List and Dark Age of Development


A short, simple breakdown of the game's state, the future, what needs to be done, and what to expect.

Miuratale : Nara

Miuratale : Nara


A quick look at the princess of Atlantis, who's fighting back for her rightful place as the future queen.

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