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Middle Eastern governments have collapsed and in the wake of their demise greedy imperialist nations have swooped in to claim land for their own sakes. You, as a mercenary NATO soldier, are tasked with hacking communications towers surrounding the collapsed regions in order to gain intel on the enemy military base locations. Capture the bases, liberate the regions, restore peace across three continents.

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Downfall of the state revolves around the idea that in the near future Middle-Eastern governments collapse and in the wake of their demise greedy imperialist nations swoop in to claim land for themselves without maintaining the interests of the populations.

Surrounding nations eventually succumb to the widespread anarchy and it is the player's job to liberate the nations from the autocratic rule of the greedy imperialist nations by commanding an elite mercenary group at the player's disposal.

The player can invest their experience gained via exploration into one of two disciplines; military or mercenary. The military discipline enables the buffing of the whole group of soldiers whereas the mercenary discipline aids the player's selfish play style which isn't necessarily discouraged.

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