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Few words from Havelkin - conceptual artist on this great project...

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So, I should write a few sentences about designing the monsters for this project. Firstly I would like to say that inventing and drawing monsters - is something that is really close to me. More than 10 years ago I spent a few years designing the characters and environment for zombie horror game, later, I also started with texturing those characters..that was something I really enjoyed.
I donĀ“t know why, but monsters and nightmares always attracted me.
Bio and me, we were put together by accident and it looks like we're on the same wavelength. I really enjoy working on this project, but the conceptual work is just one part of a complex that must be perfect and we are aware of this. We do not want promise gamers something we will not then be able to transfer into our game - so we discuss everything together, carefully considering the possibilites...Iam in this industry for more than 13years, so I do have some experience with designing characters that must have a cool look, but also be usefull to game purpose.
My favourite movies in this genre are certainly the movies The Thing (directed by Carpenter, year 1982) and Silent Hill (Gans, year 2006) .. Inspiration is certainly reflected in my work and I hope it is only a for a good.
Stay tunned :)

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