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These are the core mechanics of Hanako that will make it one of the only mods of its kind. Features like our innovative gestural combat system that takes the movement of your mouse and applies it to the swift action of your blade.

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Key Features:
-Advanced gestural combat system based on the techniques of Kendo, Iaito and Ninjitsu.

-Expansive game types that allow for team-based combat, three-way team combat, castle infiltrations, one-on-one duels and more.

-Class-based gameplay featuring classes such as: Shogun, Kengou, Archer, Naginata Samurai, Ninja and Ronin.

-Wide array of weaponry to choose from such as the: Katana, Yumi, Wakizashi, Tanto, Naginata, Yari, Ninja-to, and Shuriken.

-Perform intense special moves to finish off an enemy all while experiencing it through the Hanako Kill Cam which simulates old samurai flicks.

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