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Post feature Report RSS Human Horizon [Devlog #2] – Space Mechanics

Today we’re going to explain some of the mechanics we have created for the control of the ship in space.

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Welcome to this Human Horizon Devlog!

The features we’re going to talk are:

  • Space simulated physics
  • Trajectory prediction
  • Speed limiter
  • Minimap and Waypoints

Space Simulated

All the big spatial object in our universe exerts a force on our ship. At the moment this big objects are the suns, the planets and the moons.

Our system uses the gravitational equation to calculate the forces. This equation needs the mass of the ship and the mass of the planet.

ley de gravitacion universal de

At the same time, when the ship is near one of these big stellar boys, the movement of these is applied on the ship. This feature allows to do orbital trajectories around the stellar objects.

Trajectory Prediction

One important feature for the correct control of the spaceship over the simulation is the prediction of the ship trajectory. It is represented with the line that goes ahead of the ship.

This system calculates the future position of the ship calculating in advance all the forces acting on the ship at each future point.

Speed Limiter

To make the most delicate maneuvers we have created a speed limiter.

This is controlled with the scroll of the mouse and its representation when braking the ship would be that of the retro thrusters.

Minimap and Waypoints

In order to orient ourselves within the vast universe, we have included a stellar minimap with a waypoint system.

You can select a planet at the minimap and an arrow appears in the main game indicating you the direction of the objective.

Comments, thoughts, feels or any kind of feedback will be appreciated!

Expect regular updates from us.

Thanks for reading and feel free to follow us on twitter and instagram:


some nitpick but using d maybe confusing/misleading, as d could mean distance to surface or distance to core/center of the planet(aka radius). Therefore, I prefer using r rather than d when presenting the formula.

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