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This Article is talking about your HQ and Reinforcement Areas. For both factions, the NVA and the US.

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This Article is talking about your HQ
and Reinforcement Areas.

First, Your HQ will be one building, but
it gets upgrades on it as the game progresses.The upgrades your HQ receives will be built either on or next to your HQ. Your
HQ will only be able to call in light infantry and
jeeps(to the reinforcement area). If you buy a Helipad, you will gain
the ability to get one helicopter. There are also Armor depots and
other varieties of upgrades the you can add or apply to your HQ.

Second, One of the ways to get
reinforcements is a Helicopter drop zone(Not available for the NVA).
The helicopters will come from off map and drop the units you have
called for reinforcements(at a section pre-picked). The other way that they can come is
by land. Vehicles drive in by themselves, infantry are brought in by
trucks, then the trucks drive away. (If Enemy Fighter Jets are on the
map you cannot call in Helicopter Reinforcements)

Thank you for Reading. More for this
Feature shall be updated later.

Sagesrage - - 36 comments

Sounds like a mixture of World in conflict, and a Command & Conquer game. Nice!

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PsychoKnights Author
PsychoKnights - - 185 comments

Thank you

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