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A detailed feature list of what is in the game so far!

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  • Flashlight: Use this wisely, the battery drains pretty fast, if you have no batteries left, you'll be left in the dark...
  • Health system: A complete health system displayed on the upper left corner of your screen. Med-kits or food can be used to regenerate health.
  • Stamina system: A regenerative detailed stamina
    system displayed on the upper left corner of your screen. Once out of
    breath, movement speed is slowed for a short duration while the player
    is out of breath.
  • Enemy system: An engaging enemy system. When you
    hit the enemy, it gets more angry, faster movement and attack speed.
    You can't always win against the enemy but some very effective weapons
    can be found.
  • Combat system: A combat system for each weapon,
    each has it's own power against the enemy so while you may struggle
    with a small combat knife, there will be other weapons available to
    find. Finding good weapons won't be easy.
  • Inventory system: Pickup med-kits, weapons, notes
    all with the mouse click. Using 1,2,3,4,5 switches weapons between a
    flashlight, combat knife etc... there may even be a gun somewhere...
  • Med-kit System: This regenerates a good deal of health for the player.
  • Food system: This is similar to a med-kit system except it gives you much less health.
  • Energy Drink system: This recovers lost stamina. It's a great resource when running away from the enemy while low on stamina.
  • Collectable System: There is a max number of
    collectables you can find in the Middle of Nowhere. You will be able to
    see how many you have found displayed on screen.
  • Sleep system: A sleep system with a cool-down.
    Used to recover 25 health, 25 stamina and 25 battery life. This can
    only be used every 5 minutes. If you have no batteries or med-kits
    left, this can be a great resource.
  • Note system: A note system for engaging into the story even deeper. Find out fragments of information as to why you are where you are.
  • Underwater breath system: An unforgiving
    underwater system. There's items to collect underwater but you have
    limited time before you run out of breath and your health starts
    decreasing, can you find them?
  • Fall damage system: As simple as it sounds, though, when climbing caves watch your step.
  • Locked door and key system: Doors will remain
    locked until the player finds the key needed. Once found, they can open
    the door by clicking and dragging the mouse while selected on the
    door(like Amnesia's system)
  • Drag-able boxes, barrels etc...: There will be puzzles that require use of these items.
  • Caves: Explore and climb caves, figure out how to reach the next level in the cave, explore.
  • Shacks: Lots of shanty like shacks which react
    with the story. Some have valuable items in. Some you'll have to find
    your own way in and if you do, you'll most likely find a valuable item.
  • Detailed story: A well thought out story that starts out as soon as you start playing.
  • Save system: Though the save system is not final,
    it does work. As it is, the player can save at any time by pressing esc
    to go to the main menu.
  • Menu system: Option to change graphics settings
    between 6 settings, option to save, option to return to the main menu,
    option to quit. I plan on adding more to the menu in later development.
  • Realistic particles: Realistic fires, mist and smoke to set the ambiance.
  • Realistic water: Reflective water.
  • Dynamic lighting: Flickering lights
  • Wind: Nothing is static. The bushes, flowers and trees all move in the wind.
  • Attention to detail: Taking advantage of lots of
    image effects to make the game look it's best. Depth of field, bloom,
    anti aliasing are all examples of what i mean.
  • Original soundtrack composed by myself: Most
    people who know me know that I'm a professional musician and composer
    for film and game. I've been making music since 10 years old, have a
    great amount of experience and have been a fan of survival/horror games
    my whole life, especially the Silent Hill and Resident Evil series. A
    preview of the soundtrack can be found below, if you like Silent Hill
    or anything similar, you'll love the soundtrack!
  • Original sound design created by myself: I also do sound design, I've worked on the sound design for the game Paranormal
    and know how important it is to horror in particular. You can be sure
    that the ambiances and sound effects will give you the chills and
    definitely have you on the edge of your seat.
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