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Presenting next game mode from Wreckin' Ball Adventure.

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Today I want to talk to you about Playground, a third and the last game mode in Wreckin' Ball Adventure.

This mode is more casual then Endless. Is still a cooperative mode but more light and forgiving. It's perfect to practice player skills. This is a hunt for stars (these stars have nothing to do with stars in story mode). The rules are simple: there is one map and on this map, stars are generated randomly. The player who finds the biggest amount of stars - wins.

But on this map players will find checkpoints, traps, environmental traps, and event buttons. Like in Endless the player can activate traps to interrupt another player get a star. We can not forget about fake stars - this is a special trap only for Playground. They look like a normal star but if the player gets closer, they change color to red, start shaking and after a few very short seconds explode - watch out for them!

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