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Tower upgrades. Improved looks with baked lighting.

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Lesson learnt. Even if your game has low poly art style, baked lighting can do wonders. The video speaks for itself.

So mysterious...

Now Tower upgrades are bread-n-butter for any TD game mechanic. So they were at the top of my list. In this build you will find two kinds of upgrades available.

Level upgrades:

This increases the fire power of the tower. First upgrade doubles the fire rate and second upgrade triples it compared to the base level tower. In this gif you can barely make out the rocket launcher firing 2 and then 3 rockets as it's upgraded.

level upgrade

Range upgrades:

These upgrades raise the tile of the tower, thus improving its range of fire. First upgrade doubles the area under range, while second upgrade further doubles it. Here's the Gun being upgraded to increase its range.

range upgrade

Range upgrades makes the tower track a single enemy for a longer time. There is a benefit in doing this. As I will explain in a future post, the resources are not just consumed in constructing the towers, but also in operating them. The ammo fired by the towers is not free and moreover the amount of rotating the towers have to do to aim and track enemies as consumes power. Therefore it is more efficient for any tower to focus on a single enemy as long as possible, because realigning itself to aim at another enemy is going to incur an overhead. So it pays if you raise your most strategic towers to have bigger range.

Score stats

I've also added code to collect various aspects of the gameplay, although that doesn't make any visible change. As you will soon see, the results screen is going to show you lot of cool graphs to analyse your strategy. For a preview you can look at my last game Fold Wars. With my games I like to visualize the gameplay strategy in form of graphs. Makes you feel worthwhile to carefully develop strategy to improve your numbers on different metrics. It's coming soon.

Till then, give this release a spin and tell me what you think.

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