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Today we'll talk about the parameters of the characters and how they change and what they affect.

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Hello everyone! Today we'll talk about the parameters of the characters and how they change and what they affect. Each character in Lost Scavenger has a set of BASIC parameters that reflect his condition. Each parameter is measured on a scale from 0 to 100%.

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Also, the parameters have an indicator of DYNAMICS of change, it is by the value of this indicator that the base value changes with the passage of time. Also, the dynamics have a target value to which it aims. Sounds confusing? Now let's try to figure out how it works.

As in real life, most of the changes in the body occur over time. So, the level of how hungry you are is determined by the base value (for example, 50% means that you are very hungry). And according your metabolism and activity, the rate at which you get hungrier is dynamic.

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So, the first parameter to be considered is Health. This parameter reflects how healthy your hero's body is in physical terms. The basic dynamics of this parameter is positive and, if the body is not affected by negative effects, then health is slowly but surely restored. In Lost Scavenger you cannot drink a potion that instantly restores health. It simply does not exist, but you can visit a doctor in the settlements, make a camp and maximize the value of all parameters. A well-rested person with a full stomach and without illness recovers his health the fastest. There are rumors that there are medicines obtained from the creatures of the Mist, which significantly accelerate regeneration, but also accelerate the mutation.


The negative factors affecting health are just unlimited amount: diseases and injuries, depending on their degree of recovery, affect most of all; negative effects from increased radiation and intoxication have a small but permanent effect; unqualified treatment can cause great damage to health. Do not forget about the hostile environment, in battle you can also lose a lot of valuable health.

In the next part I will talk about other parameters, but for now the game itself can be viewed at the link, criticized, asked questions, etc. I would be grateful for your feedback :)

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