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A brief facts and questions session regarding the nature and development of our mod.

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Hello there long time watchers and supporters, I've been meaning to do this lately now and finally have got some time enough to do it. I imagine a lot of new people will be stumbling on the module page in the next few weeks so I have more or less decided to throw together a simple FAQ now to stop our comments section being clogged up with the same questions and replies from me and the other developers!

Q: Hey! what happened to Imperial Age! Why is is still buggy and in alpha! fix it you jerks stop working on this!

A: Yes, we are aware that IA is still in pretty bad shape, but the truth is we have no interest in returning to it. Winds of War: Blood & Steel - 1870 is likely to be our last Warband mod.

Q: What About that Red Wars mod you guys were working with?

A: The Red Wars is currently being continued by Lor Dric. When we got involved with the Red Wars things didn't go as well as we hoped, so we're keeping our distance as to avoid any further complications and as to not further strain our friendship with the RW team.

Q; Does this have anything to do with the other Blood & Steel module for Warband?

A: Nope. Not a damn thing. Basically, it a slightly tongue in cheek reference to a speech some German dude made in this era IRL.

Q: I am confused which faction represents or is inspired by a real life faction?

A: Here let me clear this up for you with this handy list.

  • Sweisen Empire - Austria
  • Tsardom of Kassavia - Russia
  • Commonwealth of Englia - Britain
  • Kingdom of Silicia - Italy
  • Confederation of Ostland - Netherlands
  • Ancien Empire - France
  • Kingdom of Lannswig - Prussia
  • Nihonei Shogunate - Japan
  • Kingdom of Daehan - Korea
  • Sumarids - Ottomans
  • United Federal States - United States of America
  • Confederate Territories - Confederate States of America
  • Kingdom of Langholt - Sweden
  • Kingdom of Sonora - Mexico
  • Northern Free Territories - Orange Free States/Colonial South African Forces
  • Khadizan Raj - Mughal Empire
  • Kingdom of Sari - Mahdist Rebels
  • Santey Nations - Cheyenne & Apache Tribes
  • Charni Territories - Iroquois Tribes

Q: Is this mod out yet? I CANNOT SEE THE DOWNLOAD!

A: Nope. It is still in development. When it is out the file will be hosted in the usual place on this very web page.


A: Never, we're not releasing an alpha or a beta, we intend to release the mod when it's finished.


A: We cannot say, we would like to get it out ASAP, but there is a lot of work to go before we can finally say it's finished.


A: A lot of things have happened since this mod began, and since this FAQ page was updated. Most notably the complete overhaul of the mod after a game killing bug was found and could not be fixed which set us back a year. On top of that we're also fully dedicated to release a finished mod, which takes time.

Q: How big will the download size for this module be?

A: We are aiming to keep it to around 2 Gigabytes in size total.

Q: Is this for the Napoleonic Wars DLC?

A: Nope! you don't need ANY DLC at all to place this. Just regular purchased Warband key (most up to date one on STEAM) is all you need.

Q: Is this multiplayer only? Will there be multiplayer!

A: Nope! Our focus is on bringing a highly detailed original world in which you, the player, can imbibe in and enjoy. There is no place for multiplayer. I would recommend Blood & Iron: Age of Imperialism for a MP alternative.

Q: Will there be NPC/NPC operated cannons/artillery?

A: Maybe, there is always the possibility, but I would not bet on it.

Q: What About Carribean/The Napoleonic Wars DLC!

A: Nope! we'd have to add a Keychecker to ensure only people who purchased these games could have our module and that would be just downright silly.

Q: Will there be Musicians/Standards like in the previous Napoleonic themed module?

A: Nope! both for practical and semi realistic reasons. In the last module if given the choice the AI would always pick the Musicians for their stats which led to comically huge armies of flag waving and drum wearing death squads roaming around the map seeking to be gunned down easily by the player.

And during this era, flags and field music were more or less kept away from the field of battle due to the changing nature of 19th century warfare.

Q: I demand a representation of my country and culture in this module! pretty please!?

A: Whilst we are happy for such eager interest in our module we sadly do not have the time to cover every unique country, race or culture in real life. Remember we are seeking to try and give each faction a unique set of scenes and fortresses and quite simply every suggestion given triples the development time for the module. As to date for the time being we have enough factions that cover a unique amount of different races and cultures to keep things interesting.

However with that said, if we like your idea a lot we may consider it. Post your suggestions here.


A: No, never. I'm sure a historical Victorian mod is bound to show up eventually.

Q: Is this mod still based in Calradia!?

A: No, since we had the opportunity to do so we've scrapped our original concept of "Victorian Age, but it's a Calradia mod" and now we're heading in a new direction of creating our own universe, one which can cater to the setting better than Medieval Calradia could. The faction roster is roughly the same, but as you've noticed above a lot of the factions have received new names.

Q: I am quite interested in this module and I am happy to contribute in any way I can!

A: If you are really interested in helping us out, we have a thread for recruiting new team members right here.

Q: Can I be a lame ass jerk and polute the comment feed with anti-social BS?

A: Sure. I'll just delete it though. Please don't be that guy, okay? Thanks.


Forgive me if i'm being facetious because I do sympathise, but i get the feeling these aren't legit questions people have asked you

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There are a number of questions in there that we do get asked a fair bit to the point of redundancy, particularly ones related to the release and availability of the module, canons, realism and Imperial Age so Nurdbot rounded up and paraphrased a majority of the questions asked. Except for the final one, that's just a message to people that want to be asshats.

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If anyone does ask any of these questions do I have your permission to hunt them down with my flag twirler death squad? {-_-}

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Nurdbot Author

We've been asked these questions quite a bit in the comments now, and we took the time to answer most of them but it is getting a little bit silly telling people the 50th time we cannot have <a > now. It is cluttering up the comment feed.

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Thanks so much for this FAQ! I've been eagerly awaiting this mods release since it was announced! I legitimately can't wait for this to be released so I hope it comes out at least before March, but please don't rush take as much time as you need I'll wait.

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"a speech some German dude did in the era IRL"

Man, the feels.

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otto von bismark

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as FAQs go,this is clearly the best. i admire the humor built in to it. Keep up the great work, and just do what you do.

best of luck!

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I'm pretty sure this was not discussed in the FAQ, and I wanted to ask it now. Could you guys estimate the size of this module? In GB?

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Right now the size is peaking around 2.5 gigabytes, I imagine it will get bigger the closer we get to release. But we aim to keep the mod at a reasonable size and not bloat it with unused and useless content like some modders like to do.

I do hope that the size isn't too cumbersome.

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sounds reasonable. doesnt sound like one of the excessively massive ones (third age anyone???( i do like it is just has a lot of scripting that isnt even used in the frickin game))

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Nurdbot Author

I've added that question and answer to the FAQ thank you sincerely for the feedback.

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This comment is anti-social BS. However, it's author beg for forgiveness and mercy.

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where can I download the mod i think it could be great

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Gottemark really reminds me of the german empire....... for example the pickel helmets :P

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''Q: I demand a representation of my counry and culture in this module! pretty please!?''

If possible (or future);

• Portuguese + Spanish (People of Iberian Peninsula) also justifies the inspiration in the Mexican faction descendants (Sonaran Republic).

• Represent the african colonies domain, central/south african peoples etc (With savannas, jungle scenarios etc).

• If you can also represent the people of central and south america (Tropical jungle, tribes etc maps). And southeast asian too (I miss ''south hemisphere'' inspirations in this mod)

Very thanks and keeps the good work!

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Dont forget: Geroia and Zendar hehe.

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