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Project Lounge now features arcade machines! First two arcade to be featured are Snake and Pong. Some minor news included aswell!

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Past few weeks have been rather messy. Now with summer holidays in full swing I was able to dedicate much more time into Project Lounge and I've been working on Arcade Machines and some other little things! First two arcade machines we've got are Snake and Pong.

Pong is played with 2 players and Snake is played alone, but it features property highscore that you can use to compete with any visitors who have played on that machine in the past or that are going to in the future.

If you've seen previous month video, you'll notice quite a lot of changes and additions, here's a list features that have been added over previous few weeks:

  • Footsteps sounds
  • Player Animations
  • UI Sounds
  • UI Animation Improvement
  • Object Search Field
  • Lamp objects
  • Clock object which is sync'd to your system time
  • Ability for Property owner to kick visitors

If you like what you see and would love to support Project Lounge you can vote for it on Steam Greenlight! You'll have my deepest gratitude!

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