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Paradox is a powerful engine built for indie games and is currently being used for the development of Star-Wars:The 501st Indie game. More information will be provided later on.

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Paradox is in it's final stage of development and is being used with the flash game "Star Wars:The 501st".
It is a commercial engine that is eventually going to be sold for alot of money and works really well.
Programmed in AS2 this is the probably the most easiest engine to use to make vertical shooters you can create levels easily and add up to 20 AI on screen at a time!

Easy level creation
Easy User interface creation
Eye Candy V-Cam
Pixel-Life 3 ultimate flash graphics rendering system
Easy AI creation
Easy physics system
Tutorial Book

Please read more on Paradox at dnainteractive.net or zuige.net

Current Games in development with Paradox:

Pathway:Gate to hell ( Kyoto Flash Development Studios) 67% Complete
Star Wars: The 501st ( Paradox Game Studios ) 45% Complete
Lost Origins ( Paradox Game Studios Northern Division ) 12% Complete

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Star Wars:The 501st

Star Wars:The 501st


Created with flash this squad shooter game will most likely be the most popular Star Wars flash game out their with many features. More information can...

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