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In this download, you can play the full game. Just download it, unzip it, and click matchmaking. It will either take you to the pregame lobby or an already in-progress game. Hopefully you have some friends to play with you. At least 4 people for a 2v2 :) There isn't too many people searching at any given time. But hopefully this changes over time. This is the latest version of Genesis as of September 13th, 2018. In case you guys are reading this from the future, there's probably a more updated version of the game because I am releasing newer versions every single day. If you want the updated link, check out the Twitch channel or Discord.

Genesis 0.42
syednashikaman Author

Hey if you guys wanna download the game, we're gonna have to plan some players playing at the same time!

Usually we plan this out on Discord. I am playtesting with the community everyday 8PM EST: Discord.gg

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