What's Up guys, I'm Rashad Patterson and I'm a indie developer and I love Playstation (even though they stolen 1.99 of dlc that I bought, but It's cool.)
Im a Artist 3d modelest and a Script/Novel Writer.

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Yeeeeeeeeee- What's Up Guys,

This is an update of what is going on right now. Recently, I posted an update recently in September.

Now its been a whole month since I posted this. What I have been up to now? Well, I'm here to say that I'm almost ready to announce and release demos of my projects. Thank you guys for being patience. Now I'll give you a sneak analysis of what I'm working on.

Project 1: RPG Project

This project is created using RPG Maker VX Ace, I know MV is out and it is has a lot of extra functions but Ace is familiar to me and the Resource Manager is good way to recognize if my files work or not with game. I'm getting sidetracked, ok. This project is a fantastic adventure of an a amateur adventurer who has a mission of retrieving a sacred item to help his village from starving and save the world from a menacing group that had control over the villages and estates. This game primarily uses sprites and other files provided by Run Time Package that came with the engine, but I used GIMP them diverse expressions so they won't look bland and won't give an impression that this is another "RPG Maker Game" that most people would commonly say if they used stock sprites than created something original. So far, It's about a 20-30min demo and it's currently about 45% done. You'll be able to play the demo when I create the IndieDB page for it coming soon.

Project 2: Sega Model 2 Clone Project

I've decided that the game I'll clone is a fighting game. I say that is simple because the example I gave Virtua Fighter 2 only has a three button layout. Here's is an image I found of the arcade cabinet with that display.

This the 3 button layout I'm talking about. Nothing complex, like you find in other fighters. I think most modern fighter cooperate a six button layout of the types of kicks and punches. This three button layout and my scope for simplicity both meet the idea I'm look for. This game will be released for mobile and pc. I'm not going to spoil the rest of the details, you'll have to wait till I have a sufficient amount of progress to show more.

Well, That's all I have to cover. I have my RPG Maker VX Ace project and the Sega Model 2 Clone project. Thank you for tuning and thanks for the support.




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Hey Rpatterson, Thanks for the follow for Star Plantation!

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