Hi, I´m Janek "Mc Jey" Roeben from Germany!

Making PC games is one of my biggest passions since 2008, when my best friend and I started experimenting with YoYo Games´ "Game Maker" and making games as "U-GameZ" (the "U" is short for "UDIMA", our rock band).

Of course, due to our "learning by doing" approach our first games were kind of "bad" and loaded with (sometimes hilarious) glitches and bugs, but we had a blast!

Now that I learned a lot, I think U-GameZ can finally make (2D) games that are both funny AND work XD

For graphics I´m using Photoshop and sometimes Paint (for pixelart) and animate them by hand or use "Spriter" from Brashmonkey.
Sounds and music are done in Fruity Loops, Audacity and Samplitude Music Studio.

You could say games from U-GameZ feel very hand-made and are full of charm and insider gags. At least I couldn´t make them without my friends´ and family´s ideas (and sometimes faces) and everyone playing them, so thanks to all of you <3

-Mc Jey-

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Homepage update!

U-GameZ Blog

The official U-GameZ Homepage looks a little more "modern" now.

Take a look here!

What do you think?

-Mc Jey-

Introducing U-GameZ

Introducing U-GameZ

U-GameZ Blog
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