Shallow Space is a 3D Real Time Strategy game inspired by Nexus: The Jupiter incident and Homeworld.

Shallow Space focuses on organised mass RTS space combat in a fully 3D environment. Ships in Shallow Space are nearly always grouped into Flotillas and Wings, and orders issued to these structures cascade to the subordinate members. Standing orders are issued in advance leaving you to zoom around, activating abilities and arranging support and reinforcements, fine tweaking deployments with traditional controls where nessecary. Should the tide turn in battle traditional control is still available.

The scope of play will be instances situated at Lagrange points in several core planetary systems in which you will be tasked to assemble your battlegroup to deny the opposing force access to your zones of control. You will do this by mining resources, building stations, acquiring blueprints for ships and weapons assembling your fleet from the individual turrets right up to flotilla organisation and officer ability management. You will complete both structured story and incidental missions for rewards and you will play the game as a battlegroup commander, a small cog in a very big wheel.

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User Interface Evolution


So before we delve into creating the tutorial and adding new stuff we thought it prudent to get rid of the prototype UI elements and really look at how we interact with the game to make things a little more involving and intuitive.

sspace 2016-12-14 18-08-46-19 The 3D UI has been decluttered giving the Zones a more open feel and the 2D UI has matured.

As you can no doubt immediately see, a number of things stand to change in Update 6 as we sweep the prototype user interface under the table and replace it with something altogether a little more mature.

Spatial User Interface (Battlegrid)

Some of the feedback coming from you guys mention that the Overhaul doesn’t yet fully capture the majesty of space. After breaking the scene down into its abstract parts and questioning them we found that the grid and border around the game edge made the maps (or Zones) feel a little claustrophic. What’s more, when polled, 70% of you hinted that we should explore an alternative to the grid based reference plane.

Your wish is our command.

Previously the levels were pizza box shaped; now we’ve changed them to a cylinder shape. Not only does this feel more fitting when combined with the radial camera, it gives us an better sense of scale and to us, feels a little more natural. The proof of the pudding will be in the eating and we look forward to feedback on that.

sspace 2016-12-13 19-40-24-49 The overall composition of the UI improves the games general ambiance.

2D User Interface

The fleet panel (top left) has been condensed reducing the full width faction logo icons which looked a little dodgy at resolutions below 2K. Unfortunately we couldn’t keep all the large hologram fleet icons on screen at the same time because it lead to scrolling, but clicking on the smaller tactical icons and Soft Group icons will correctly filter the lists.

We have removed the health bars on the fleet icons and made the hologram image of the ship itself the health bar. Quite a bizarre little tweak but it’s surprising just how much it assists us when looking for damage status and as a bonus it’s more aesthetically appealing.

The situation panel (top right) has also been reworked.

Previously we had square Zone icons with numbers that made the thing look a little like a bingo calling card, now we’ve replaced them with pictorial representations of the contents of a Zone. If a Zone is dark, it’s still listed making it much easier to track changes as you and you allies chart space. It also makes more sense as this is known space – so really as a Commander you would know how to get there just not necessarily what awaits you…

Otherwise we’ve tweaked the fonts, position of the elements and how they react when you use them to give the whole thing a more polished feel.

Zone Map

sspace 2016-12-14 17-58-40-03 Picture additional planets orbiting that Sun, with lines joining the Jump gates between them. We're not ruling out orbital mechanics either.

Update 6 will see some cosmetic dressing to the Zone map with large amounts of work going on under the hood to prepare for additional planets. Again the Zone icons have been replaced with images, all Zones are now shown and an orbit line added for the example Planet Ares around the systems Sun.

It’s important to note that the Zone map looks cluttered because we’ve added a larger number of Zones to a single planet than we might normally. As we add additional planets we can expect to spread things out a bit visually.

Lessons from the old Alpha

sspace 2016-12-14 17-52-15-47 The old menu screen is back!

We put a lot of work into that old Alpha and in the transition it’s possible that we might have forgotten about some of the advancements it offered us. (Remember you can still access the old Alpha using the BETA tab in the game properties.)

Some more feedback indicates that the dedicated Hangar from the old alpha is quite sorely missed. We’re happy to report once the tutorial has been completed and we've switched on a few more key mechanics we’ll be bringing that back. We’ve also resurrected the original menu screen showcasing the newest ships as we were missing it!

That’s not all

Throughout the duration of Update 6 we’ll really be addressing the user experience (UX). The tutorial is quite a common request now but that actually tells us that things aren’t quite as obvious or intuitive as they need to be. An example of this will be the inclusion of a small contextual menu when you click on a Ship or Space Object. This will allow you to quickly access actions such as Open Comms or Attack, perhaps hide in a Space Object without having to mess about with context targets or the ability bar.

We’ll also be looking at the Zone and Space Object tooltips – do they really tell us what we need to know? What’s more, we have 5 new ships about to land including fixed weapon attack Cruisers and pirate ‘aberrate’ variants and we’ll also be adding in some random encounters.

Update 6 is just being polished off and should land in the next few days. We hope this demonstrates how quickly things are moving now as we continue the process of adding and refining, and we hope you join us in our excitement as we continue cramming this thing full of win!

As always, thanks for the continued support and if you have any feedback please hit the forums or even the comments below – you should know by now that we are very good listeners!

Let's Recap

Let's Recap


In the Overhaul, we get around that by splitting the play area into zones. Each zone might contain a series of installations lending it to a particular...

Cry Havoc!

Cry Havoc!

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Overhaul Progress Update

Overhaul Progress Update

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Under the hood is also progressing well, taking the time to rewrite the base layers has paid its dues. With the implementation of NVIDIA Physx and all...

Zone Theory and Unit Construction

Zone Theory and Unit Construction

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So as you’ve probably worked out, one of the distinguishing features of Shallow Space is concurrent activity spread across several play areas that we...

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Shallow Space Press Pack (November 2015)

Shallow Space Press Pack (November 2015)


Contains the latest alpha press release announcement, the previous 'Greenlit' announcement and a collection of screenshots and logos for the game and...

'Monolith' Sampler album (with Bonus Sound Track)

'Monolith' Sampler album (with Bonus Sound Track)

Audio 2 comments

Experience the psychedelic soundscapes first-hand in Captain Panic! and Systeks album 'Monolith.' This free sampler includes 4 tracks from that amazing...

Shallow Space: The Gift (a Short Story)

Shallow Space: The Gift (a Short Story)


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Comments  (0 - 10 of 190)

will the game be mod friendly?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

I hope so at some point.. love to see a Battlefleet gothic mod for it!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.

mawhrin-skel CreatorSubscriber

Best endeavours i'd say, although consideration has been made for it - multiplayer first.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

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Some of our music licensed and used by popular video games like "Dayz" and "Warthunder".
We would like you to know that we are available for work as a freelancer.

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I've been interested in the game for quite some time, but what turned me off from buying in was the camera controls. I had a lot of trouble trying to navigate the camera around since it was always locked to a flotilla, and switching between flotillas wasn't intuitive in the demo I tried. I've gone through all the updates I've missed and haven't seen it mentioned, so sorry if this has been answered somewhere.

What is the current state of camera controls and flotilla switching? Is it the same as the demo, and if so, is it better documented for the player? I really want to get into Shallow Space but the issue was a deal-breaker for me.

Congrats on Early Access and all the progress that's been made though! :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
mawhrin-skel CreatorSubscriber

Hi there! Getting camera controls to be right for a 3D RTS is no small feat and a lot of work has gone into them to make them much more intuitive. For example, since the demo; you can drag to select height, use the F key to focus on the ships and use WASD or MMB to pan and break camera focus.

It's safe to say that things play very very different from the demo now, which is why we've removed it from the download page. You can find out more about the changes to the controls in this article

Also we are still responding to feedback about the camera, so if you can suggest changes to the control system they might get implemented. Generally though, the camera controls aren't something people mention now and in fact, we've even received some praise about them.

Thanks for your interest, and I hope we can lure you over :P

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Thank you very much for the reply! I'll be looking that info over. :)

Generally I compare RTS cameras to the one in the Homeworld games, since that's my favorite design overall.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I never gotten too much into Nexus despite that i have the game ever since it got out , probably because i liked Homeworld and Hegemonia Legions of Iron more

Shallow Space has a bit of Sins of a Solar Empire in it and a bit of Star Ruler the first in it too , games i played and liked
So , hmm i think i will try it because it seems really good

Personally i'm not so much into macromanagement of fleets like the videos show mostly and i'm more into close and personal battles up to flying a single ship in the space sims way - when i see them so small and so many i get confused and understand little BUT i do love what happens when they fight and how the ships look
The game is , however , a step forward from 4X titles like Armada 2526 or Distant Worlds in the way battles are simulated in the sense that you'd want ships and battles there to look like in Shallow Space
I think i'm gonna like this game once i learn how to manage fleets
So , you got a 10 from me and i wish you well with this game

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
mawhrin-skel CreatorSubscriber

That's pretty awesome of you thank-you!

Actually it's quite a common criticism, some people just want to dive straight into the game without the micromanaging so we're adding the ability to save fleets and the game will come with a couple that have been preconfigured.

So keep a look out for UPDATE 5 which is coming either tomorrow or the day after! It also adds a new ship, 3 new weapons, 4 new abilities and a ton of other stuff. :)

Thanks again for the ranking and the feedback, it is comments like this that allow us to develop the game and make it more enjoyable for you. Cheers! James

Reply Good karma+3 votes

You are very welcome James

When i see something i like , i always praise and vote it fully because being nice costs nothing but it's priceless in the same time

I did criticize negatively some mods but i won't do it again because i was met with hostile resistance but what is good and feels good no matter if it's not appreciated its value remains the same

Shallow Space speaking , you know , managing fleets is really not a bad idea at all , it gives the player more control over which ones you want to fight rather than the other games where you just recruit them , they pile up and then you go fight - i mean the ships

Now i wonder if the game has a campaign but if not Skirmish is fine to me
I forgot to notice that the game is still not a full version yes ?it's early access ah well this is not a big deal , there's always room for improvement and if you love what you're doing is what matters

I also wonder if you can setup your galaxy beforehand 4X style or you got predetermined maps but i best find out by myself

I played a lot of space based games but not all of them i remained playing I am mostly into : Starpoint Gemini 2 and Sins of a Solar Empire now but Shallow Space is going to look good on my desktop along the others :D

Cheers to you too ! I'm Anyna and i'm somewhat known but if you wanted to share real names then it's Gabriele

Ah yes ! Last thing i'd like to ask : do they have classes ? will Shallow Space have , you know : battleships , dreadnoughts , titans even ? I'm asking because i'm still trying to figure out the concept for the game but it seems you are bringing a new concept which is a really cool thing

See you around

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
mawhrin-skel CreatorSubscriber

> Last thing i'd like to ask : do they have classes ? will Shallow Space have , you know : battleships , dreadnoughts , titans even ?

Yes, there are Corvettes, Destroyers, Cruisers, Battlecruisers and Capital ship initially. You can find out a little more about that here:

Glad you're enjoying it, it's gonna get even cooler pretty quicker with the cool stuff we plan to inject into it so keep your eyes here! Thanks! :)

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Wow I cannot wait to lead them to glory !
Their sizes are proper and their concept are amazing but dang ! the Corvette is so small to the others
Nice way of putting things

Yup these classes are just fine
Thanks for showing me You'll be doing fine with the game

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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