A bright, colourful arcade sports game for up to 4 players. Compete in a lightning-fast futuristic sport that’s a blend of air hockey, tennis and volleyball. The rules may be simple, but victory is seized through quick reactions and devious mind games!

Post news Report RSS Gyrodisc Super League Monthly Roundup: 3rd February 2016

Monthly Development Roundup for Gyrodisc Super League.

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Jess Gyrodski enters the league!

Jess Gyrodski enters the league!

The current Gyrodisc Super League champion and crowd favourite, Jess is an all round player who faces each match with utter confidence. Similar to her brother john, she has a balanced moveset with a slight tendency towards speed over power. Reflecting her relaxed attitude compared to the uptight and serious John, she has physics-enabled long hair and a belt sash that flow behind her as she plays.

Jess' spiral super throw

Her super causes the disc to spiral across the screen rapidly, bouncing wildly off the walls to keep her opponents on their toes!

A new stadium model!

A new stadium model!

The aim of this model was to reduce the amount of flat, grey textures that were being seen in the game. Of particular importance was the floor- since most of the game is spent looking downwards, having the floor be a flat, grey plane was affecting how the game looked. The floor is now made of red clay (used in tennis courts) which warms up how the game looks and gives the edge of the screen a rougher, more interesting look.

Other changes include a new and improved giant screen towering over the stadium, barriers dividing the crowd into two masses of rival supporters and a giant gold statue of a hand holding a Gyrodisc adorning the far end of the stadium.

New courts introduce new gameplay!

New courts introduce new gameplay!

Players can now select different courts when creating a match. Courts are made up of several gameplay elements like goals and nets as well as more novel elements like bouncing blocks and score boosts.

Our first courts are “Vanilla”- our standard court from the Greenlight demo. “Wide on the Outside”- a wider court with score boosts on the edge of the goals. “Two Nets Two Walls”- two walls create more places for the disc to bounce. “Hockey”- the goals are moved away from the walls so the disc can bounce around them.

Even the slightest change of layout makes a huge difference to how the game is played, so we’re excited to expand our list of court elements and court layouts in the future!

Faster gameplay!

Faster gameplay!

Following our feedback from the Greenlight process, we’ve been working on sharpening up our gameplay. We started by improving the foundations of the game, making sure our characters are less floaty and improving the reliability of how the disc bounces (especially in low-framerate situations). From there, we changed how our disc bounces and curves to incline it to travel horizontally. Finally, we increased the speed of both the disc and the players. All of this comes together to make our gameplay feel more aggressive and responsive.

New match rules

New match rules!

Players can now also customise their match with our new match rules. A 30, 45, 60 or 90 second timer can now be set for each round to pile on the pressure during matches. If the timer runs out causing a draw, the round is decided by a tense sudden-death tiebreaker. Players can also select the number of rounds required to win, changing a match from anything between a super-short one-and-done to a gruelling best-of-nine.

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