Global Conflagration is a Multiplayer Real Time Strategy game in which you take control of the battlefield using the deadliest weaponry and units in a clash between two powers: the EDU armed with most advanced technology and high tech equipment The Awakened,driven by the sole purpose to fight for it's freedom by all means possible including the use of technicals and improvised vehicles. Seize control over the map, capture objectives, build your base and defeat your opponent. Unlock new units, customize your color scheme and build up your army the way you want it by choosing from dozens of real life military units as well as our own prototypes.

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Our progress on the EU Architecture and some ingame screenshots for all!

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Hello guys ,

Let’s take a look at the progress we’ve achieved this month.

Despite being a very busy month,(mostly because the college semester has started ) we’ve managed to get some decent progress considering the time we had on our hands.

We first had to nail down the EU structure style.We did keep in mind their futuristic vibe and fancy shape in order to create something rather unique yet not very SF-ish,not realistically scaled by any means,but more fitted as a symbol (as in any other RTS games, we all know by now that a tank isn’t build in a single structure).This whole process took me quite a while,since I’m not experienced in designing buildings, but with the experience we gathered from playing a bunch of RTS games ,we managed to get something decent in place:

EU HeadquarterEU Headquarter

EU starter building,it will provide the option to build the rest of the building as well as training scout units such as Fennek.It’s still up to debate if we should have the Headquarter build up base defences in a certain radius or have a separate unit fill up that role and maybe deploy them over certain expansion points spread over the battlefield.

EU FactoryEU Factory

EU building that will provide the main means of war including :the Raider (Fast Anti-Tank unit),the MBT (backbone of any army ) or the Artillery (high precission,ranged unit meant to take out light vehicles).All the units mentioned above being shown in my previous update.

In the future we might expand it by adding specific upgrades for certain units.

We will tackle the rest of the building starting with the Armory and Helipad in the following month.

Meanwhile with a placeholder HUD in place and various props being done,we’re confident enough to present you our first screenshots:

First Screenshot

Conflict at the border !

Not final by any means ,these screenshot should mark the visual style we want to approach in the future, and give you a hint of what this game might look.There is a lot of room for improvements and we are open to criticism and suggestions on all aspects of our game.

What’s next ?

Hopefully in the near future, with more mechanics being implemented, we will be able to provide some rather decent footage of our game mechanics in motion ,so stay tuned !

Thank you for your attention and have a wonderful day !


This looks really great!

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This looks pretty good if you release this as an standalone game then please consider long timesupport and free content if i'm reading this right.
Tracking this mod

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CTLN7 Author

It's a game :P
And of course we have plenty ideas that will implemented even after the first release.With our current plans there is so much room for additional content in later stages.

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will wait for it :D look really nice

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