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Gerty is a sci-fi top-down rogue-like shooter game with fully destructible environment. We have a free, playable demo-build that we update regularly, so you can test the game for yourself. Gerty has been Greenlit on Steam.

You are a nameless clone. Your creators have sent you on a mission to retrieve four lost relics, hidden somewhere beneath the surface of mysterious and hostile planets. Armed to the teeth and equipped with your trusty laser-digger, you must fight your way to the depths of these treacherous worlds where the relics lie in wait. Countless others have failed before you. Will you be the one to retrieve all four relics and come back alive?

Current features

  • One world (4 levels) to explore
  • One boss level
  • Procedurally generated maps
  • Fully destructible environment
  • Local co-op up to 4 players
  • 18 items
  • 8 different monsters
  • Two playable character
  • Achievements
  • Controller support
  • Three difficulty levels
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Beta 1.5 is out! Woop!


Forges and items

Our old item system (Chests and Shops) have left a lot to be desired, so we have a new system to replace them: Forges. Instead of having to make a limited decision on the fly, you’ll now get to spend more time building your character as you see fit.ur old item system (Chests and Shops) have left a lot to be desired, so we have a new system to replace them: Forges. Instead of having to make a limited decision on the fly, you’ll now get to spend more time building your character as you see fit.

forge ui

In addition to the element of choice they provide, there are other significant changes and limitations compared to the old item system. All items now have individual costs instead of being based on rarity, most (but not all) are upgradable with a maximum level of 4 (instead of unlimited). Your inventory is also now limited to 10 different items (previously unlimited), so you’ll never be able to own every item at once. All in all these changes allow us to make individual items feel more powerful without totally wrecking the balance.

They are now divided into 4 groups based on functionality: Offence, Defence, Utility and Stats. Each group has it’s own Forge, so you won’t be purchasing every item from the same place.


We have our full set of 40 items (plus 5 reusable “services”) usable in the game. For this reason we’ve disable all achievements in this build, so that you’ll have access to every item from the get go. So go test them out and give us feedback! I would hazard a guess that some of the items will be replaced before our final release, but it’s really nice to have such a big part of the game “finished”.

HUD rework

We’ve got new player skill HUD’s, which are now positioned in the corners of the screen to help co-op. We’ve replaced the previous threat timer with a snazzy Threat Bar. We’ve removed the stage name from the HUD as it’s visible in the Loading Screen before the stage. The objective announcement text has been redone and it no longer sticks around.

The Threat Bar shows the overall threat level of the stage, which should help you gauge when it’s time to get out. It also warns about incoming threats with a clear 3 second flash and rumble sound.

We’ve also added more info to the indicators around the player. You can now see your Ultimate skill charges, skill cooldowns and Combat Shield (when purchased from a Forge)

Game over!

Previously when you got killed, the Game Over -text stuck around for quite a while before fading to a loading screen, after which you could restart, which led to another loading screen. No more. A few seconds after death you’re now taken immediately to the Game Over -screen.

In-game options

It’s been a looooooong time coming (over a year in fact), but our in-game Options are finally accessible. You no longer need to quit back to the Main Menu if some setting is wrong or your buttons need tweaking.

Tutorial improvements

Although having a good tutorial is super important, reworking it is pretty taxing. With the addition of Forges (and new HUD), we had to make somewhat sizable changes to the Tutorial, which eventually led to us making a decent overhaul of it in the process: we’ve stripped some steps, combined others and added some new ones. Most notably the Tutorial now includes the threat mechanic (Mother Worms) and our new Threat Bar. In total it’s about the same length as before, but it should flow a whole lot better than ever.


Signs of battle

“Borrowing” things from successful titles such as Nuclear Throne, we decided to try out if leaving corpses, blood and explosion craters around for longer would make the stages feel more lived in. The result was a resounding yes.

Bonus gif of cool explosion effect.

Read the devblog post in detail here

Devblog 35

Devblog 35


This devblog covers some upcoming updates that'll be released in the next beta build. Including forges, new HUD and item graphics.

Combos, orbs and bloody sacrifices! - Beta 1.4

Combos, orbs and bloody sacrifices! - Beta 1.4


This update is one of the biggest in the history of Gerty. New beta build includes a lot of new features and tons and tons of gameplay adjustments. Also...

Playtesting, results and upcoming beta 1.4

Playtesting, results and upcoming beta 1.4


When you work on a game for several years, you need outside opinions from time to time to keep yourself from going blind to all its faults. Though we’re...

Beta 1.3 - New content and balance changes

Beta 1.3 - New content and balance changes


New actiavatble points of interest to add purpose for exploration. Balancing, fixing and making stuff prettier!

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