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Gerty is a sci-fi top-down rogue-like shooter game with fully destructible environment. We have a free playable demo that we update regularly, so you can test the game for yourself. Gerty has been Greenlit on Steam Greenlight and is slated for release in December 3rd 2018.

You are a member of an elite mercenary group. A mining colony of critical importance has become under attack by a hostile alien force. Armed to the teeth and equipped with your trusty laser-diggers, you must fight your way to the depths of the planet, find the source of the alien threat and eliminate it. Will you make it out alive?


  • 4 procedurally generated stages to explore
  • Fully destructible environment
  • Local co-op up to 4 players
  • 16 items to experiment with
  • Over a dozen unique enemies to fight
  • One playable character
  • Five difficulty levels
  • Several Achievements to unlock
  • Full controller support


  • Two worlds with 6 stages each to explore
  • Two tough boss fights and couple mini-bosses
  • A lot of additional monsters
  • 24 additional items to experiment with
  • More dangers, goodies and secrets to find
  • 3 additional playable characters with different skill sets and Perks
  • Tons of Achievements & unlockable content
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It all started with Rogue, a dungeon crawling game in the 80's. Then came games "like-Rogue", which eventually evolved into its own genre, the "roguelike". But what does it mean to be a "rogue-lite"? In the simplest of terms, it means taking elements from roguelikes and integrating them in all kinds of games, though the "genre" has developed some common elements of its own too.

However, there is a very common "holy trinity" of elements that are present in most rogue-lites.

Procedural/random generated levels

Though very popular in many games these days, "random generated" levels are widely considered one of the core staples of roguelikes. It's a cost-effective way of adding re-playability to a game and keeping players on their toes from level to level, on every playthrough.

Random generated level often that means creating a fairly random layout and placing items, enemies and such in a more controlled manner. Another popular method is building the level from larger, handcrafted pieces or rooms that are placed in a random order (Spelunky and Binding of Isaac). Randomization can be used to spice up hand-crafted levels by moving obstacles around and changing item and enemy placement (Left 4 Dead's AI Director for example).

On a "random vs hand-crafted" spectrum, Gerty leans more towards the random. For a more detailed view of how our level generation is done, read our earlier Highlight on the subject.

Permanent death


Having randomized levels wouldn't really matter much unless you'd be expected to re-play the game a lot. This is where permanent death (aka. perma-death) comes in. Perma-death is another core staple of roguelikes and if the name itself doesn't give it away, it means you don't get second chances. When you die, you stay dead... until you restart the game and begin again from scratch.

Perma-death is all about building a test of skill. With each playthrough you learn more and more about the game and its challenges while also honing your skills, so that eventually you'll have what it takes to make it to the very end in one life. Gerty is also built upon this principle, though we do give you the option of adjusting the difficulty level to your liking. And while you could re-play the same levels over and over each time you die, having new levels with new challenges each time keeps things fresh.



When your core game-loop is all about dying and starting over again and again, having nothing to show for your repeated efforts can get tedious. That's where meta-progression comes in. Learning from your mistakes is fun, but it's also great to get something tangible for your efforts.

Meta-progression can come in many styles (in-game shortcuts, permanent upgrades, temporary boosts...), but in Gerty's case, it takes the form of unlockable content. Is Commando cramping your style, or would you just like to try something new? Unlock one of the other playable characters for a totally different experience! Or do you feel like you'd need just that tiny extra edge in combat to succeed? A wide range of new Forge items are there to help with that! And you can always mix and match characters and items for even more variety in every playthrough!

But this is a topic we'll be covering in more in detail a future Highlight...

Play for yourself!

Head on over to Steam, add Gerty to your Wishlist and play the free demo to prepare yourself for the Early Access release on December 3rd.

Magnus highlight

Magnus highlight


We're taking a look at our number two character: the Magnus, master of melee combat. What he lacks in mobility and range, he more than makes up for in...

Gerty DRM-Free Version Approved For Release On Humble Store

Gerty DRM-Free Version Approved For Release On Humble Store


Spawn Point OSK will release their upcoming rogue-lite, sci-fi shooter Gerty also as a DRM-free version on Humble Store.

Gerty - New demo version available at Steam

Gerty - New demo version available at Steam


We have released a new demo version (1.7) at Steam that is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Gerty - Final beta version

Gerty - Final beta version


Beta 1.6 will be the final beta build of Gerty before release. Big changes!

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Gerty demo v1.7.36 for Linux

Gerty demo v1.7.36 for Linux

Demo 1 comment

Gerty DRM-free Demo for Linux platform. Carve your own path in a new rogue-lite that focuses on challenging combat in fully destructible terrains. Dive...

Gerty demo v1.7.36 for Mac

Gerty demo v1.7.36 for Mac

Demo 1 comment

Gerty DRM-free Demo for Mac platform. Carve your own path in a new rogue-lite that focuses on challenging combat in fully destructible terrains. Dive...

Gerty demo v1.7.36 for Windows

Gerty demo v1.7.36 for Windows

Demo 1 comment

Gerty DRM-free Demo version for Windows platform. Carve your own path in a new rogue-lite that focuses on challenging combat in fully destructible terrains...

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Let us know what you think about Gerty. Download free demo from Steam! Store.steampowered.com #feedbackfridayT.co

Nov 15 2018

Abandoned ship in the second world. This is one of the loading screen art pieces. Add to wishlist on steam!… T.co

Nov 14 2018

100 keys of Gerty for giveaway on @IndieDB is coming. Make sure to enter on 2nd of December!… T.co

Nov 11 2018

Time to introduce Preacher, the third character of Gerty! He's a heavy damage dealer and the master of crowd contro… T.co

Nov 10 2018

#TBT of the stat screen versions over the years. #gamedev #indiedev #madewithunity #roguelike T.co

Nov 7 2018

Visualization of a cavern in the second world. Mmm, look at dem juicy juice crystals! Store.steampowered.comT.co

Nov 7 2018

DRM Free demos now available on IndieDB for Windows, Linux and Mac. Indiedb.com #indiegames #gamedevT.co

Nov 6 2018

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