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Empyrean Frontier is a traditional RTS in development featuring massive space fleets, base building, and resource collection. Empyrean Frontier is built on a custom game engine, and aims to create an innovative strategy game that is still familiar to veterans of the genre.

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Greenlight and Alpha

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Empyrean Frontier has finally made its way onto Steam Greenlight. The game has come a long way since the previous pre-alpha demos and I'm glad to announce the greenlight campaign, an alpha trailer, and a new demo.

The new demo includes a full tutorial and 2 skirmish maps that are playable as the Empire faction (the Union is unlocked in the full Alpha release.) Since the last pre-alpha demo, the game has seen a long list of improvements, including engine and graphical improvements, a better GUI, and greatly improved enemy AI.

Empyrean Frontier Alpha Demo

The game is also available for alpha purchase through itch.io and the official website. The full game includes additional content (play as both factions, solar system conquest mode, and additional maps) and will grant access to all future updates and a Steam key if/when the game arrives on Steam.

Below is a list of current and planned features for the game.

Current Features:

Two Unique Playable Factions

Intuitive Control Scheme

  • Draw custom formations
  • Full featured RTS Interface

Intelligent AI

  • AI Strategically reacts to player actions
  • Tactical AI formations
  • No resource or vision cheats

Command Massive Fleets

  • Battle with hundreds of ships
  • 16+ unit types
  • Base building
  • Superweapons

Conquer an Empire

  • Fight for territory in a real time campaign

Alpha Roadmap

Game Features:

  • Unit Upgrades
  • Unit Veterancy
  • Random Map Generator
  • (also more preset maps with support for more players)
  • Additional Unit types
  • advanced fighter groups, more building modules, and maybe hero units
  • Additional Unit Abilities
  • a few units already have active or passive effects, but I intend to add more, as well as a better GUI for displaying passive abilities (tractor beams for example already apply a firing rate debuff, but the interface doesn't notify the player)

Game Modes:

  • "Quick Start" System Skirmish
  • solar system skirmishes where each player starts already in control of a preset territory
  • Procedural Campaign
  • longer campaign similar to Solar System skirmishes but the player takes a single fleet through a series of procedurally generated missions
  • Story Campaign
  • traditional RTS campaign with scripted missions (might be cut in favor of Procedural Campaign)
  • Arcade
  • extra game modes such as tower defense, tug of war, wave defense, and others (possibly with a level editor)

Engine Features:

  • Save/Load Games
  • Rebindable Hotkeys
  • Improved Effects
  • better explosions, particles, engine trail effects
  • More Destruction Animations
  • larger units will have more detailed destruction effects
  • Improved Movement/Pathfinding
  • Overall Graphical Improvements
  • AI Improvements
  • the easy/normal skirmish AI are in a pretty good state, but there are a few extra features I'd like to add for hard AI, as well as improving the solar system skirmish AI
New Super Weapon

New Super Weapon

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This update introduces the Interstellar Union's superweapon: a gigantic missile with 2 different attack modes.

Faction Overview

Faction Overview

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Finishing up the 2nd playable faction in Empyrean Frontier.

Fleets and 4x Elements

Fleets and 4x Elements

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A look at updates to the Solar System game mode, which combines RTS and 4X elements.

Game Updates and Demo 2

Game Updates and Demo 2

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Updated demo released with improvements and additional features.

Empyrean Frontier Alpha Demo

Empyrean Frontier Alpha Demo

Demo 4 comments

Demo for the first alpha release of Empyrean Frontier. Game Features: -Singleplayer RTS skirmish game mode (1 faction enabled) -Singleplayer tutorial...

Empyrean Frontier Pre Alpha Demo 2

Empyrean Frontier Pre Alpha Demo 2

Demo 0 comments

The Second Demo release. Updates include an additional tutorial, Gameplay Options menu, new mouse cursors, optimization, and an improved game GUI.

Empyrean Frontier Pre Alpha Demo

Empyrean Frontier Pre Alpha Demo

Demo 2 comments

The first playable demo of Empyrean Frontier, with basic skirmish mode and a tutorial.

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when it will be full play?

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GaldorStudios Creator

Sorry, didn't see this before. Well, I just got the first official paid alpha out, the game's still in development though. I hope to have a more complete build on steam in the fall, and if all goes well I plan to have the full game completed by early 2017.

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I think i'm gonna love this game
It seems wow ! and finally base building , so many titles without base building Empyrean Frontier might quench my thirst to build
I'm following this , i'll vote you max and cannot wait to play it and all i hope is that is gonna have a ton of races , at least 3 :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
GaldorStudios Creator

As for the number of races, there are unfortunately only going to be 2, it takes a lot of time to add another, especially one that's significantly different from the others. Hopefully 2 is enough for now, though I haven't entirely ruled out a 3rd for a post-launch update or expansion.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

You are welcome
2 is fine

If things are really deep detailed and they are unique one to another and there's a lot to progress in their tech trees aside from a catchy gameplay , the number matters little
I hope i'll get the time to play it

What remains memorable at Empyrean for me is what that animated screenshot shows - ships being attacked with a magnetic gun - this is something i can say i don't remember having met in other games and i played quite many.So , it seems Empyrean Frontier has an unique physix-like system.I like this and it's old school , i like old school

You're doing fine with it , Galdor

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Homeworld 2 anyone?

Still pretty good uwu

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

No worries; I've been watching the updates since I heard about this game. Jesus christ that superweapon is epic. And I like the music I hear while it charges up and fires!

Just wondering if you have been using music from machinimasound.com?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

how goes it?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Hey, just checked out today's update. But I have been wondering if you have been considering adding fitting music to the Empryean Frontier game. I know a site that has some pretty decent music as well:


Royalty free for use. Just a suggestion

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
GaldorStudios Creator

Yeah, music is something I’m still not entirely decided on. There’s a chance I might get some original compositions, but if that doesn’t work out I’ll use some kind of royalty free music. Thanks for the link, I hadn’t heard of that site before.

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Made big improvements to scroll panels in GUI code today, not directly related to the campaign, but I needed the unit lists to look nicer.

Aug 9 2016

RT @itchio: Command massive fleets, and battle hundreds of ships! Galdorstudios.itch.io #indiegames #gamedev T.co

Jul 26 2016

More progress on Empyrean Frontier's roguelike campaign map. #screenshotsaturday #indiedev #realtimestrategy T.co

Jul 23 2016

Work in progress: Empyrean Frontier's procedural campaign, hope to have playable version within in a week. #gamedev T.co

Jul 20 2016

Empyrean Frontier just got greenlit!

Jul 12 2016

RT @itchio: Enjoying summer? Our developers are hosting dozens of sales, check it out: Itch.io #indiegames T.co

Jun 24 2016

Fixed most of the unit movement problems, fairly productive day of gamedev.

Jun 21 2016

Going to start working on making unit rotations smoother, one of those problems that I guess I just stopped noticing after a while.

Jun 21 2016

My alpha/Greenlight trailer, also out now on @itchio #indiedev Youtu.be

Jun 20 2016

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