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Empyrean Frontier is a traditional RTS in development featuring massive space fleets, base building, and resource collection. Empyrean Frontier is built on a custom game engine, and aims to create an innovative strategy game that is still familiar to veterans of the genre.

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Faction Overview

2 weeks ago News 1 comment

Since the last update I've been working mainly on finishing up the majority of the ships and building modules for the second playable faction, the Interstellar Union. This faction shares some of the same unit types as the first faction, the Empire, but also has some key differences. In the game's lore, the Union is a nomadic faction occupying a number of star systems on the outskirts of the Empire's more developed territory. Instead of building space stations around a central command center, the union uses the Command Ship, a more mobile vessel that has a limited number of upgrade nodes on which to build modules such as shipyards and refineries.

Union Ships

To allow for faster expansion, union players start the game with a command ship that comes equipped with a Capital Shipyard module, which allows the construction of additional command ships, as well as slow moving defense platforms and, at higher tech levels it can produce various combat cruisers.

Defensive Platforms

Some of the new ships closely resemble those found in the other faction's arsenal, with minor differences. (For instance, the union's green "shotgun" lasers send out roughly the same number of bolts per minute as the empire's Gatling lasers, meaning they both fulfill the anti-fighter role.) When designing the ships, I did also try to keep some similarities in the overall shape of ships that fill the same combat role. For instance, the anti-fighter frigates are both tall and thin, tractor beam frigates are round, and anti-frigate frigates are longer, like a traditional ship. The reasoning behind this is that setting a distinct "look" for each type of unit should make it easier for the player to differentiate ships in battle and plan for the correct unit composition.

Fight between union and imperial frigates

(In addition to pushing or pulling enemy ships, tractor beams now also apply a debuff to enemy units, reducing their speed and rate of fire, making them useful in weakening and focusing down valuable enemy ships.)

Heavy Upgradable Cruisers

All cruisers can be customized with a variety of upgradable weapon modules. The main cruisers in each faction have 8-10 weapon slots and special front and rear nodes for utility modules. The union however, has 2 extra cruisers; the artillery cruiser, which comes equipped with a long range missile launcher, and the drone cruiser, a fast attack ship that releases a swarm of destructive drones at short range. Each of these smaller cruisers has a single upgrade node that can be used to specialize in the ship's primary attack (a range increase for the artillery cruiser, and a speed boost for the short ranged drone cruiser) or the player might choose to add a secondary weapon for the ship to fulfill a more general role. Hopefully this choice in upgrades will provide for interesting strategic decisions and allow a variety of playstyles.

Light Cruisers in action

I intend to start a Greenlight campaign soon, but for now I still have some polishing to do as well as improvements to the AI, and I'm also finishing up the superweapon for the new faction.

Fleets and 4x Elements

Fleets and 4x Elements

3 months ago News 0 comments

A look at updates to the Solar System game mode, which combines RTS and 4X elements.

Game Updates and Demo 2

Game Updates and Demo 2

7 months ago News 0 comments

Updated demo released with improvements and additional features.

First Look at the 2nd Faction

First Look at the 2nd Faction

10 months ago News 0 comments

A look at the first few models for the 2nd playable faction in the RTS game, Empyrean Frontier.

Pre-Alpha Demo Now Available

Pre-Alpha Demo Now Available

1 year ago News 2 comments

The first playable demo is now available for download. The demo includes a basic singleplayer RTS skirmish mode and a tutorial.

Empyrean Frontier Pre Alpha Demo 2

Empyrean Frontier Pre Alpha Demo 2

7 months ago Demo 0 comments

The Second Demo release. Updates include an additional tutorial, Gameplay Options menu, new mouse cursors, optimization, and an improved game GUI.

Empyrean Frontier Pre Alpha Demo

Empyrean Frontier Pre Alpha Demo

1 year ago Demo 2 comments

The first playable demo of Empyrean Frontier, with basic skirmish mode and a tutorial.

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AnYnA Nov 12 2015 says:


I think i'm gonna love this game
It seems wow ! and finally base building , so many titles without base building Empyrean Frontier might quench my thirst to build
I'm following this , i'll vote you max and cannot wait to play it and all i hope is that is gonna have a ton of races , at least 3 :D

+2 votes     reply to comment
GaldorStudios Creator
GaldorStudios Nov 16 2015 replied:

As for the number of races, there are unfortunately only going to be 2, it takes a lot of time to add another, especially one that's significantly different from the others. Hopefully 2 is enough for now, though I haven't entirely ruled out a 3rd for a post-launch update or expansion.

+1 vote   reply to comment
Vladiskov Jan 25 2015 says:

Homeworld 2 anyone?

Still pretty good uwu

+3 votes     reply to comment
robodude22 Apr 5 2014 says:

No worries; I've been watching the updates since I heard about this game. Jesus christ that superweapon is epic. And I like the music I hear while it charges up and fires!

Just wondering if you have been using music from machinimasound.com?

+3 votes     reply to comment
Geoffrey513 Jan 12 2014 says:

how goes it?

+3 votes     reply to comment
robodudealt Nov 22 2013 says:

Hey, just checked out today's update. But I have been wondering if you have been considering adding fitting music to the Empryean Frontier game. I know a site that has some pretty decent music as well:


Royalty free for use. Just a suggestion

+3 votes     reply to comment
GaldorStudios Creator
GaldorStudios Nov 23 2013 replied:

Yeah, music is something I’m still not entirely decided on. There’s a chance I might get some original compositions, but if that doesn’t work out I’ll use some kind of royalty free music. Thanks for the link, I hadn’t heard of that site before.

+3 votes   reply to comment
robodudealt Oct 19 2013 says:

Loving the new systems (Formations, fighters moving in place etc)

you should try making the bigger units move around a bit, just much slower though.


+3 votes     reply to comment
GaldorStudios Creator
GaldorStudios Oct 19 2013 replied:

Thanks for the kind words!

That’s a good point, and I really appreciate the input. After reading this I actually made a few quick changes so that all the larger ships will now individually change direction when moving and face whatever their current target is, rather than the whole group always having the same direction. As a result, that seems to make the larger ships look a little more natural in their movements and at least they move a little when they’re in combat. As for always moving like the fighters, I’ve considered having the frigates move around in some way, but they tend to look more awkward when they’re circling like the fighters or even just moving back and forth. The size makes it difficult to make them move too much without clipping into each other, and I don’t really want to increase the spacing between the ships in the same group by too much. I'm leaning towards keeping things roughly the way they are now, but I’ll keep trying a few different things to see if I can make them move around above/beneath each other in some interesting way. I want to at least change the way they line up in their groups since the front 3 always look like they would be blocking line of sight for the back 3, and the game does technically support full 3d movement.

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robodudealt Oct 22 2013 replied:

One thing that will really help you in development is to draw inspiration from other RTS games. Getting that mixture from many types of ship and structure designs can really flood you with some ideas.

Just be sure not to count star wars and star trek because... its just way too obvious xD

Hey, even the functions in other games may give you gameplay ideas!

- Different types of ships maybe? (tier system or ships with specific roles)
*something like broadside cruisers, electronic warfare, or just those ships with gigantic cannons that run straight through smaller ships xD

+3 votes     reply to comment
GaldorStudios Creator
GaldorStudios Oct 22 2013 replied:

Yeah, that’s definitely something I’ve been doing. Check out some of the older updates and videos, the first update especially shows a good number of the ships and their combat roles. (a few things have changed since then, but not too much) The next update I’m working on is going to be mainly about weapons, so I’ll be writing about the ships as well in a bit more detail than before.

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