Somewhere on the seven seas a dangerous Band of pirates pursues your ship. That is all you remember as you wake up with your ship stranded. Soon you find out that they captured your good friend and captain and left you to die so it is up to you to hunt them down and free your captain. This adventure will take you thru a partially procedural sea. That means story relevant islands are handplaced while procedural places are like side attractions. A typical RPG with non typical quests since every quest is to be somehow related to the story(not like go from point a to point b and get me this and that). There will be naval Combat and trading between the harbours. If you like pirates or rpg´s or survival games. This game has it all! A lot has been done in the last few years but there is still some work left to be done. So stay tuned by following the game and also don´t forget to comment your thoughts on this project it helps me alot... thank you :)

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Current Features


Welcome to Dark Sea. Here you going to find the key features of the game :D

darksea 5

Currently featured...

-survival and rpg aspects(Hunger,Thirst,Base building, crafting , skills, quests)

-procedural generated islands and dungeons

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- worlds under the sea for you to explore



- quests and dialogues as well as trade

(I really try to make them not blank "get me this" quests) There will be alot of trade ingame so you are able to play trader and go from town to town to sell&buy goods. Things like blackboards for missions or helping out as an assistant(blacksmith/baker) will be featured to give the world more life and openness




- a player ship with customization in looks/stats and furniture

ship 1

- npcs react to your crimes similar to the elder scrolls games


- crafting:

be a smith a baker a cook or a farmer and sell your products to the local towns. You can furnish your own ship or your own piece of land



- pirates, predators, animals (most of them are to strong in the beginning so run)

- The more dangerous predators are spawning at night so if you want to stay on an island over night, be prepared


- action based combat

(4 combat directions similar to mount and blade if i might say so though in its early stages)



Future plans

- main story

- ship management and fleets

- naval combat

- Khoruna the main npc town on sea in progress

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There are smaller settlements like Coconut Bay in the south and Archolos a vineyard in the north.

I hope I got your attention so stay tuned and read the wiki to learn more about this game


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Dark Sea Demo PC(64 bit)

Dark Sea Demo PC(64 bit)

Demo 12 comments

This Demo is a small taste of what to come so stay tuned when I release it on Steam so you can support me :) hope you get thru the game without any struggle...

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¿Discord of Dark Sea to talk about it?
Nothing, I saw it.

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I've been away for a few days for exams and family topics, but I've already returned. I played the demo (V.05) and finally here are my comments.

- The story really seems interesting. However, I recommend that you advance a little more in the main story in the demo. You leave us free so fast that it disorients.
- Good tutorial: island, learning and history.
- The more you play, more things you see that you can do.
- Except the characters, everything is visually pretty and valid.
- The craft system is very good.

- If there is someone sitting in a chair, I can still sit down.
- It's weird that Uncle Ben does doesn't do anything during the first naval battle.
- Sharks are NOT a problem. If I can swim indefinitely faster than them, where is the danger?
- There is water inside my boat. It doesn't look well.
- The combat is still rough. I find it hard to know if I hit or not, among other things.

- You should have had a way to pass all the same elements from one inventory to another (for example, ctrl + click).
- More models of villagers, to give more variety to Coconut Bay, and improve their animations..
- It would be a good idea to translate the game to other languages, beta included. I can help you with Spanish. You can with the German.
- Maybe a lock system for combat?

- Will there be voices?
- Can you have your own crew?
- Will there be improvements for the ship?
- Estimated duration of the story?
- How do you raise the flags? It's hard to see with them.

- Having said all of the above, I want to emphasize that I am much more amused by this game, or the Galactic, than most of those that come out lately in the market. Surprising, but great.

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Erathor_Noname Creator

i answered them on the discord :) but here is the answere for other to see:

hmm the chair bug shouldnt be there as i thought i fixed it but ye the water bug is because i cant really control it that is why i am about to rewrite the water completely... translation would be also hard .. ye i havent figured out crew ai yet so as this is just and alpha demo i hope you forgive me that ben and goldberrdy didnt do anything :smile:
and ye because its an alpha of course i will improve on the animations and models so no worries on that
to your questions i am planning on short voice clips like vague words as answeres like in mmos or strategy games
the story isnt short nor is it aaa long
the main story points i wrote down would be this times 7
not counting the side quests n stuff you would have to do to progress
the ship controls are in the read me file ;)
but quick its
W S to control the sails
while using the steering weel
as i have no crew ai as said for now you can control it all
but later on you would be only ably to control it if you would use it manually or a crew would be handeling it

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You need to increase the maximum speed on the boats, they are way too slow.

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Erathor_Noname Creator

that is what "modify your ship" is going to be for ;) and different ship got also different speeds you got the smallest variant you know

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Erathor_Noname Creator
someone made a video on this demo

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Erathor_Noname Creator

quick note if you would like to play the demo for a longer time i suggest downloading the bugfix i am going to publish for the demo because the first procedural island you encounter had still a debug option ticked on... meaning it generates its terrain vegetation every time you load up the game .... so if you save it it saves the island one time and loads later up twice the stuff on it... so just to fix this i also added loot on enemy ships ... so should they sink you can dive after them and get it

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Awesome Art. Coming together very nicely. (3rd view? , or nope?).

Save feature? Sry. Edit

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Erathor_Noname Creator

Idk yet it wouldnt be much to do though if i add it it would be a male character as it needs to be for the story

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I love it!!! Great visual design, the game looks beautiful!! The crafting and quest design is good, the UI just needs to be adjusted. I couldn't figure out how to get the boat moving, it was going at like 1-3 mph. But I'm liking it, I'll be sure to look for it on Steam and buy a copy, maybe even 2. :)

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Erathor_Noname Creator

Ok tnx :) ye its discribed in the readme file how to mobe it

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