HeroEngine makes live development collaboration across the globe a reality.

HeroEngine is an MMO development team’s dream come true - it streamlines the entire process of building your MMO game. Artists, world builders, scripters, game designers, producers, and customer service can all collaborate live, online, in real-time together anywhere in the world. Create and update your game faster, with more time to focus on the fun rather than waiting for code to crunch. Build the game and play it at the same time to see instant results.

HeroEngine Advantages

  • Live Collaborative Development - From one or many geographic locations – everyone works online, live on the server so you can share your work instantly.
  • No Nightly Builds - Create your game in real-time and get instant feedback on your work.
  • No Assumptions or Restrictions - HeroEngine lets you build your game in your own style and we provide the core technology so you don’t need to reinvent it.
  • Full Access to the Hero’s Journey® Reference - A full game’s worth of code you can use as expert examples.
  • Integrated World-Class Middleware - SpeedTree®, Granny 3D®, dPVS, FaceGen®, and more world-class tools and support.

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2018 newyear Welcome to 2018! First off, we would like to thank all of you - the players! Your feedback, testing, suggestions and ideas have been incredibly valuable to us in bringing life to the world of Rhyldan. We look forward to your continuous participation and enthusiasm throughout the year of 2018!

We are excited to present our first update of the year, which also includes an updated roadmap. Here, we will explain some of what we have been doing and what to expect during the year. You can discuss this topic here on our forums.

A new survey about combat will be released in the next few days. This survey is to get a good idea of players old and new, their thoughts and general take on games in general and in The Repopulation. Once this survey is up, we will update and give you the direct link. If you have not taken the other surveys, it is not too late, you can easily go to this link and take them any time at The Repopulation Surveys.

What we have done this month

survey whitebox 01 During January we have been focused on moving new development forward, while cleaning up and patching content from the 10.2 update. The dev team has also managed to clean up and remove over 500 unused areas from the dev server and the next build. This will speed up build times and help reduce cache and file sizes for players, improving performance and gameplay for everyone.

The new targeting system has been finished and is currently undergoing thorough testing. We've continued extensive development in our Prototype world in preparation for art, content and new maps. Currently we are finishing the new Tutorial/Starter island on the Prototype server and once we've pushed this to live, we'll begin focusing on player and player nation housing placement and spacing. Testing will be done on the Prototype, and when approved the development will begin on the dev server for the rest of the world.

We have been “whiteboxing” in our Prototype world in order to test and create a clear design idea before pushing forward with developing on the dev server. This allows us to test, change and alter without adding conflicts to the current code, as well as preventing clutter on the dev server. This means smaller sized updates to the players that don't include all of the unwanted or unneeded data as well as art.

Process for much of the world and art development: (Note that not all development needs to be done on the Proto world)
Prototype World -> Dev Server -> Staging (testing) -> Live (Novus)

Planned update schedule

survey whitebox 02 Our goal is to get to an 8-10 week update schedule. This does not include live pushes and hot fixes. We are looking at the first couple to be around 8-10 weeks since this will have the greatest amount of changes. One such example is the new world revamp. We want to give the players a full map instead of a partial world, so this will take the longest time development-wise and as a result will have a longer wait time.

Example timeline for world revamp. (This includes several steps, but the very basic process is as follows):

  1. Unlink
  2. Create templates for Land and Water areas (From Prototype World)
  3. Import New Template into each area
  4. Move all assets over above new terrain
  5. Replace any assets that are crucial or causing major issues
  6. Link all areas back together
  7. Sculpt terrain
  8. Paint terrain
  9. Finalize placement of all current assets
  10. Test

Work involved in the world revamp does not include new content, it will have the old content, just adjusted to fit the new world. New or replaced content will come in upcoming updates.

New Update and Patch number system

survey whitebox 04 New patch number system will not be based on date (year, month, day/version), but instead based on the type of update.

Game state: A= Alpha, B= Beta, L= Live
00.00.00 = First set of numbers: Major update with a lot of changes or new systems, can include bug fixes.
00.00.00 = Second set of numbers: Medium update, small updates, medium changes, can include bug fixes.
00.00.00 = Third set of numbers: Small updates, minor changes, bug fixes.

Upcoming Update A.00.00.01

The upcoming patch will be pushed next week to test/staging. Depending on the feedback from our internal testers, we hope to have the live push around two weeks after that push. Players will be told when we push to test.

Basic list of changes and updates (including any and all changes, eg: gm tools, etc.)

  • Targeting system
  • Auto face option
  • A number of small fixes to the Tutorial area, including the fitting you get being of the wrong type, a couple missions updated to try and avoid confusion.
  • Taking Harvesters off of nodes with your inventory full will no longer destroy it.
  • Fitting slots now show up when empty
  • inventory icons should all be fixed
  • Damage Reduction on stims should now correctly reduce damage (other buffs might still be the wrong way around)
  • Plymouth teleport should be far more reliable
  • Temporary change to save the servers: All vehicles can only take 1 driver for now until the vehicle system is redone.

Next Update A.00.01.00

survey whitebox 03 The second update for Condorslug will be A.00.01.00. It will include the new Starter Island map. Additional changes will be announced in future updates as well as roadmap updates reflecting any changes or current systems being worked on. Development will be done in phases, so content replacement will come as we develop and finish other systems down the line. New and adjusted content will also be added throughout the development process. This work will begin 1-2 weeks after the A.00.00.01 update depending on what you, the players find needing to be hotfixed or patched.

The New Roadmap

Road map is a living document - it may and will change as we progress though. No dates have been stated due to the amount of work involved for a small team. Bugs and fixes can slow down or change the order below. Players will be updated on any and all changes here.

Roadmap list

survey whitebox 05 This is a WIP (Work in Progress) Please make sure to note that the order listed below may change based on what is found based on priority or any complications that arise. If you do not see your big concern on this list it does not mean that we do not have it on our internal list or is not part of this these updates and features. Please do feel free to give us feedback and ask questions about these on our forums.

Combat Targeting System
• Cleaned up targeting added
• New Auto target
• New/fixed auto face option

New Tutorial Island Terrain
• New Tutorial Island terrain and basic layout using old content
• Additional areas in the world will be added as we develop/build with additional updates
• New content will be added to island as new systems are updated

Inventory fix
• This will be ongoing as we move through other systems
• New optimized inventory (container system) for players
• New default inventory/container space
• Added inventory/container options

Astronomy System
• There are currently several Astronomy systems in place. We will be rebuilding a single system and optimizing it so it runs better and no duplicate information is being called.
• Fix player out of sync with each other
• Fix player out of sync with the server
• Fix astronomy based spawns

• Ongoing process until all related systems are linked and working
• New Harvesting Models
• New Harvesting Methods added
• Build New optimized harvesting system
• New Harvesting UI
• Updated Survey system

• This will be an ongoing process until all areas related are connected.
• New farming and horticulture system based on the Harvesting

Races spec system
• Base race spec system to unify multiple systems into one
• This will be the base for all PC and NPC race and faction systems afterwards

• Unified faction system that includes Nations, NPC’s and players
• Will develop primary and second factions for players
• New UI/UX panel, factions will be visible to players

NPC System
• New NPC system, to unify and optimize based on the Race Spec system
• Will be ongoing in stages
• NPC container
• NPC Factions
• NPC replacement as we progress through content

Adversarial Camps (Spawners)
• New core system
• Adversarial sub systems
• Integrate Faction system with Adversarial camps
• Start placing them in the world

Quest/Mission system
• Ongoing development that will continue through several stages
• Build new Dynamic Mission system
• Unify all quest/missions
• Bring in Faction system and other subsystems
• Begin creating new missions
• Create and start adding Generated quests

Create new NPC's
• Ongoing development that will continue through several stages
• Build new NPC system tools
• Update NPC systems based on required needs
• Bridge/add above (appropriate) systems, such as Factions
• Create and replace NPC’s in stages

Updated Guild System
• Updated Guild permissions system
• Additional functions to be built
• New GM tools for Guild assistance
• Updated UI and UI/UX functions

Crafting Basics
• Ongoing process, which will require extra attention and testing through several phases
• Create new Crafting Containers
• Optimize crafting skills and abilities
• Optimize and update crafting recipes
• New crafting options to be developed
• Remove redundant recipes (such as fake Blueprints for housing items)

Housing Revamp
• This will be continued development as we develop additional feature and test them. Ongoing process
• Basements will be seperate from the world but part of the plot
• New Housing system to be developed
• 3 (three) housing subsystems/types to be developed and added to the world
• Continued updates to help accommodate most housing needs
• New Housing containers
• New Housing “packup” method to be developed (to make it easier when players move)
• UI/UX updates

Combat Skill Progression
• Ongoing progress as this will take into account several systems above and below.
• Optimize skill progression
• Clean up combat math
• Include new title systems

Combat Progression and title awards
• Ongoing process as we continue to develop above and below systems
• New Progress system (while keeping it skill based) (no point mini game will be added)
• Titles and award system to be added
• Updated UI/UX

Player Merchants
• Optimized player merchants
• New limits and benefits to be added
• Easier Search and Purchase methods
• Updated UI/UX

Player Auction House
• Ongoing process, as it depends on several integrated systems
• Optimized Player Auction house developed
• New fully indexed search system
• New methods to access the Player Auction House
• New UI

World Auction House
• Optimized World auction house
• Additional methods to be added to access the World Auction House
• New fully indexed search system
• Updated UI/UX

• Will be ongoing process as we proceed through each system
• New Windows based on each system and stage
• Added customization functions (movable windows)
• Optimized windows and panels
• New UI style

10.2 Update is Here

10.2 Update is Here

The Repopulation

We are very excited to announce that the 10.2 update is coming to a PC near you. Patch day will be on 20 December, tomorrow. Yes you read that correctly...

Dev 10.2 Updates- What is coming

Dev 10.2 Updates- What is coming

The Repopulation

We recently released 10.1 out to the public earlier this month on 8 November, 2017. We have also pushed a number of fixes, including harvesters over the...

Exile Online Gofundme, Updates and More!

Exile Online Gofundme, Updates and More!

Exile Online

Large May and June update with news about what we have been up to for the last couple of months.

Exile Online EGX 2017 Aftermath

Exile Online EGX 2017 Aftermath

Exile Online

Check out the aftermath report from our time showing the game at the EGX expo in London.

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hmm, I will be using this engine... soon. SOLO game making here I come!

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Looks like a very good engine. Can't wait to see all sorts of projects on it.

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Looks like some good feedback on this one.
Do you have to pay to use this one at all?

Been looking for something to download for a while, I want to try making my first game- an rpg.

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its a &99 monthly sub fee, or you can pay $300 for lifetime sub

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hmmm this engine gives me ideas

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LOVE IT. I only wish it worked on mac so i could work with it at my school.

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Environment is lovely to watch...

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Raven's YouTube tutorials:

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Ive been using Hero Engine for 4 years now as a world builder the tools are amazing. The updates in the past year have improved it alot too.

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