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Welcome to the series of tutorials on WrackEd, the Wrack level editor!

Posted by on - Basic Mapping/Technical

(My hope is that these tutorials will show you how to use all of the various aspects of WrackEd, as well as some nifty tricks to help make your editing experience faster and more enjoyable."Carnevil")

If you have any requests or questions, feel free to post them!
In the main thread!

WrackEd Tutorial #1 - Getting Started - Mod DB

The first tutorial for WrackEd! This shows you how to configure your main resource files, how to add additional resource files for your map (in the form of texture packs), and and how to configure WrackEd to be able to easily test our your map.

WrackEd Tutorial #2 - The Basics - Mod DB

This tutorial shows you how to perform basic actions in WrackEd, such as creating faces, prisms, things, and how to change their properties. After watching this tutorial, you should be able to create your own basic rooms and levels! Hooray!

WrackEd Tutorial #3 - Basic Visuals - Mod DB

This tutorial covers some basic visual techniques in Wrack. It covers texturing, texture locking, lighting, and lightmapping. After watching this tutorial, you should be able to make a detailed, well-lit room!

Other Useful Tutorials / Links.

Importing custom models into Wrack

Fanda's Efficient Modding Tools

Full Tutorial Thread

Alberto309 - - 316 comments

Finally someone that do tutorials for mapping! <3

I'm gonna try WrackED as soon as possible (that means as soon as I can purchase the game :P).

Great work devs! ;)

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