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Sick of asking for Webmasters to make and update your website! Want to do it yourself! Well he I can help!

Posted by on - Basic Website

I bet your sick of asking for other peoples help when it comes to Mod Website. Well Now you can DIY! Website are mainly is for getting new staff, showing your work, talking to people who like mods. and stuff like that.

Well, you could ask for host at gamespy but you need 20% of work done before you can get hosted. Also you need to make sure that you have a domain website as having something like yourmod.50megs.com is not the best URL in the world.

Front page is the best to use. Try getting a template from the internet. Then try and make your own. Also don't seal a template as your own as this is breaking copyright law! Javascript is also good like at the top right of the webpage with the date and time. also flash is good with lots of moving stuff, makes it look important! I know some good website for this:


Keep updating your mod. Try and do this on moddb as your mod can be called a dead mod meaning that there has been no updates in some time. No one will visit a site that says (updates last:1, Dec 1999)
I hope something here help you!


The effort is appreciated, but if you're going to write a tutorial, try and impart some actual information. The 'Finding Host' section doesn't even offer a list of alternatives to Gamespy (who are great for serious mods, although you *do* have to have something to show).

And just so I'm not a hypocrite, I'll offer one choice for free web hosting:


I can't say I'm an expert on the subject, our mod was with Gamespy for many a year before moving to our own webspace. However, many places can be turned up by typing 'free web hosts' into Google.

And just to be a little more of a grouch:

'also flash is good with lots of moving stuff, makes it look important!'

Lots of moving stuff does not necessarily make a website look important. In fact, it can make it look quite shoddy. As well, I wouldn't recommend creating a flash website if you're just starting out.

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4 sections, consisting of a few lines of nothing each?
And I'm affraid that you should be shot for saying that Frontpage is the best WYSIWYG editor.

My tips for mod makers:
* See if you can find a small gaming site to host you for free
* If you're going to use a WYSIWYG editor I suggest Dreamweaver 8
* Start by using a Content Management System so that uou can use premade templates
* Don't try and over complicate things, take baby steps

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hey... on Tony Hawk's Underground 2, on "mardi grass" level the girls raise their t-shirts!! ya... but its "censored" :(
anyone knows how can i mod that ****??
or a program that can modificate the textures??
or a thug2 mod??
please... it will help me on my new mod... :)

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What is it with you Moddb ers and being shot. I have been told 3 times i should be shot for doing this are that. You people are a violent bunch

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We get lots of signups for our site directed from this post. So we have decided we are going to open a NEW plan aimed only at developers! this plan will only be available to people who are working ona project or have a site about a project they have made/ are making. This project can be anything from small skin mods all the way up to full games. Hope you enjoy.

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HitmanV Author

livewire117's got a point!

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