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This is a guide on how to use cheat codes in warzone 2100

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Enable Cheat Mode in Windows and Linux

  1. Start the game with the ”--cheat” command line option.
  2. During game-play, press left shift & backspace simultaneously.

This should result in a message “Cheats enabled”.
If it doesn't, you are probably using an old key-map & should reset it. See below on how to reset the key-map.

Enable Cheat Mode in Mac OS X

Version 2.0.7

  1. Navigate to the “config” file located in: Users/(User Home
    Directory)/Library/Application Support/Warzone 2100 —> config.
    Replace (User Home Directory) with the name of your home directory.
  2. Make a backup of this file. Right ( or Control ) Click & go to “Duplicate”.
  3. Now right click on the original file & go to “open with” –> Text Edit.
  4. Find the line that says “debugmode=0”.
  5. Change the “0” to a “1”. It should now look like this: “debugmode=1”.
  6. Save the file & open Warzone.
  7. When playing hold down “left shift” & “delete” at the
    same time to go into debug/cheat mode. A message should pop up &
    say “CHEATS ENABLED”. The word “Debug” should also appear at the bottom
    of the game screen.
  8. Now hit “t” on the keyboard to enter chat mode. Type in the cheat codes & hit return.

Version 2.0.5

  1. First find the Warzone 2100 application. It should be in the Applications folder.
  2. Right click on the Warzone 2100 icon & select Show Package Contents.
  3. Navigate the folders till you find warzone2100.sh. It should be in these folders; Contents/MacOS –> warzone2100.sh
  4. Make a backup copy of the file at this point. Right click on the file & go to “Duplicate”.
  5. Open the warzone2100.sh file in TextEdit. You might have to
    right click on the file & go to “Open With –> Other”. Then
    select “TextEdit” from the Applications folder & click on “Open”.
  6. You should see this in TextEdit:


MYDIR=`dirname “$0”`
cd “$MYDIR”
exec ./warzone2100 --datadir ../Resources/data

  • Now add ” --cheat” at the end of the line “exec ./warzone2100
    --datadir ../Resources/data”. Don't forget to include the space after
    the ”/data”.
  • It should now look like this:


MYDIR=`dirname “$0”`
cd “$MYDIR”
exec ./warzone2100 --datadir ../Resources/data --cheat

  • Now save the warzone2100.sh file & start the game.
  • When playing hold down “left shift” & “delete” at the
    same time to go into cheat mode. A message should pop up & say
    “CHEATS ENABLED”. The word “Debug” should also appear at the bottom of
    the game screen.
  • Then hit “t” on the keyboard to enter chat mode. Now type in the cheat codes & hit return.

Resetting your keymap

To reset your keymap:

  • Go to “Options” in the main menu.
  • Select “Key Mappings”.
  • Then click on the trash can in the top left.

Cheatcodes do not work in multiplayer games unless you have a debug binary! Skirmish is not considered multiplayer.

Cheat codes

All these cheats can be entered as chat text (press “t” to open up the chat console).
Some cheats will only work in campaign mode.


Code Description

biffer baker **** Units deal more damage & are stronger

build info Tells you the date when the game was built

count me Prints the number of objects in the game

deity God mode (No Fog)

demo Demo mode

double up **** Your units are twice as strong

droidinfo Shows unit info & stats

easy **** Sets difficulty to easy

get off my land * Kills all visible enemy units & structures on the map

give all * ** Allows you to build and research everything

hard **** Sets difficulty to hard

john kettley Changes the weather to rain, snow, or clear

kill * Kills the selected units

let me win * Causes you to win the current mission

mouseflip *** Inverts the mouse buttons

no faults Audio Clip - “There are no faults in the renderer at the moment”

normal **** Sets difficulty to normal

sensors Shows sensor ranges when sensors are selected

shakey *** Toggle screen shake when units die

time toggle Turns the mission timer on or off

timedemo Shows game info & stats

whale fin * Toggles infinite power

superpower * Maximum power

more power * + 1000 power

work harder Finishes all current active research

research all Gives you everything researched. Version 2.1 only.

* Works in campaign mode only!

** Can cause game-play instability.

*** Unable to verify

**** Difficulties do not stack.

Additional cheats

A number of new keys are also available in the debug/cheat mode.

  • “k” Flips the tile height.
  • “w” or “a” Raises or lowers the tile height.
  • “y” Selects the team closest to the camera to start out with.
    The camera view will then randomly change from unit to unit & team
    to team. Your team will have an AI applied to it when selected. Same as
    the demo cheat.
  • ctrl+o Opens up an options dialog that allows you to place
    units, structures, & features in game. Also allows you to switch to
    & take control of an AI team.
  • ctrl+y Shows the game info & stats. Same as the timedemo cheat.

These can cause game-play instability.

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