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General info about modding S2 (or e.g. creating games in K2 engine).

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Types of files used:
(and additionally: .dll, .bat, .exe)

Programs and tools needed:
3DS Max 8
Any program supporting .dds format, can be GIMP with .dds plugin
Any program similar to Notepad
K2 Script Editor (unofficial)
S2 Exporter for 3DS Max 8 (unofficial, S2 dev team doesn't support it)
S2 Map Editor (already comes with S2)
S2 Model Viewer (comes with S2, too)

Some programs' downloads:
GIMP .dds plugin: Nifelheim.dyndns.org
K2 Script Editor: Stanz.org
S2 Exporter: Patch3.s2games.com
S2 Map Editor and Model Viewer are downloaded/installed simultaneosly with Savage 2 (click Start button, then head to S2 folder and shortcuts, then run them).

A short overview of filetypes:

You can open and extract them with regular WinRAR! (and pack them back too, it needs only a change of .rar extension to .s2z)

.cfg file it's a "config file", it's easily edited with Notepad-like programs.
.xml files can be edited with a regular text editor, too.

3D graphical files, models are done in 3DS Max 8.

.dds files:
They can be easily edited with programs supporting this format. For a GIMP .dds plugin, go to:

User Interface, UI:
S2 UI uses combination of easily modifiable .xml files and 2D graphics, which are in .dds format.

Currently Savage 2 doesn't support more character classes (such as Builder, Savage, etc.) than 7 per faction.
Skills/abilities/weapons are limited to 9 (1-9 chars), with an additional 0 slot for a spawn portal.

Sounds, voices, etc. are all in .mp3 music filetype.

Textures are in .dds format (.tga format file with the same name works, too, AFAIK)

How to test your mods:
Simply extract s2z files while keeping the original directories, e.g. extract contents of textures-high.s2z file to textures-high folder. :-)

Modding websites (tuts, and info):
S2 Modding pages (unofficial): S2howto.com
S2 Modding Wiki (official) Modding.savage2.s2games.com
S2 General Wiki Savage2guide.com (for other/regular info, i.e. mapping guides)
S2Mercenary's thread with links to mapping resources: Forums.savage2.com

To be updated or featured in other tutorials:
3D files, how to create/edit, texture, and so on
Server info
Mod installation how-to
Most common problems and troubleshooting of Map Editor

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Seems like the Official S2 Modding Wiki have been "hacked"...

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