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Oseyra is your helping spirit. But here are some tips she doesn't mention.

Posted by on - Basic QA/Testing

Hey gamers,

We want you to find out on your own how the game works. But here are some quick tips to give you a head start.

  • You can hide in corners by crouching. The screen will darken at the edges when you're hidden in a shadow. Of course, you cannot hide close to a burning torch.
  • The torch is your best friend and worst enemy. Use it wisely.
  • There are two types of traps in the labyrinth. Both can be deadly. One type can be circumvented by crouching, the other type can be jumped over.
  • How can you detect the traps? There are also two possibilities. One involves dying to find out, the other one is using a torch.
  • Regarding the patrols, Oseyra tells you that "by now, you won't be able to fight them". That is true, nonetheless you CAN kill them.
  • Look for another way out of the maze. The main exit is protected by vigilant guards. Maybe you could distract them?
  • We do not know how this is possible (probably magic), but the skeletons do hear noises.

Have fun!

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