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This is a tutorial of sorts to describe the Puzzle Polyhegram; one of the first Polyhegrams you will face in the single player mode of this game.

Posted by on - Basic Design/Concepts

Puzzle Polyhegrams are one of the first challenges in this game. The idea is that you take a mystery word, wrap the letters in some fashion around a polyhedron and then give, hopefully, clever hints that should help them figure out the word. At the lower difficulty it will seem more like a guessing game but at the higher levels you will definitely have to use the letters on the polyhedron, kind of like an anagram, in order to solve the puzzle. On longer words it sometimes helps to use the Periphery power-up to show you the first and last letters of the word, or the All-Seeing power-up to show all the letters at once(scrambled of course)

Once you figure out what the word is, then you simply have to tap the letters, in order, on the sides of the Polyhegram to solve it. The trick is that the sides holding the letters have to be next to each other which means you have to plan. Sometimes words will wrap in non-obvious ways, turning back on themselves or giving you more than one choice. For some of the longer words, you may need to use the Surge power-up to give yourself some more time.

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