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An great guide to easly edit your pokemon3D saves and game

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Currently , I stalk this game from the 1.6 ver .If you don't have it , you can free download it from

Someone wrote: Pokemon3d.net

Someone wrote: The game wasn't made by me , it was made by Nilllzz (Indiedb.com ) Thank you for creating this game :D

Ok enaught talking ....
1st when you download the game , there should be only 1 file , the launcher , but if you downloaded the full .rar (it contains the pokemon3d.exe and pokemon folder in it), don't worry .
1.1= If you downloaded only the launcher : Create a folder in a place that you will put the game (Desktop\New Folder) , then copy the launcher in it , then double click it .It will tell you to download the latest version ( Start the game isn't avaible if you don't have the folder)

User Posted Image User Posted ImageUser Posted ImageUser Posted ImageUser Posted Image
After this , you will be able to play the game normally.
1.2 =If you downloaded the game with the folder : Your "Start Game" button will be unlocked , but just to be shure , click the "Download Latest Version" Button and follow the steps that I placed before :)

1.3= If you get any tipe of error , just be shure that you downloaded these 2 programs (Are needed to run the game)

Someone wrote:
XNA 4.0 Download

.Net Framework 4.0 Download

And you will need too Direct X 9+ (a higher version that 9 which its incluied )

Now I will let you get used to the game :) , In the next part i will show you how to add +pokemons , change game sounds (+link) , how to modify your status (money , badges etc...)

1st= To add a pokemon to your party: Go to Pokemon\Save\*PlayerName then search for the party.txt file. At the first look it just looks like random numbers and letters , but if you look better you will know what it is.

There you can see my new starter (cyndaquil= Pokemon 155, Change the number to get another pokemon ej: 1:bulbasaur , 25:pikachu)
Experience= If you edit that number in a higher one (2000) it will level up faster to the next 3 or 4 levels
Gender: 0=boy 1=girl 2=No gender(legendary)
Egg Steps = Until it reproduces (not implemented)
Item= add an item number , and that pokemon will hold only 1 of that item
NickName = Open the [~] And add a nickname to your pokemon
Level= Change it to change your pokemon level ( don't recommend it , i recommend to add experience)
OT= The player who catched the pokemon ID (it can be changed later)
Ability=Overgrow (the only one implemented)
Status= If the pokemon was paralized or its sleeping or poisoned (If your pokemon was poisoned in battle , just save your game , delete what its inside the [] and then load the game , your pokemon should be OK)
Nature= Mine its calm , just edit the number to get another nature
Catch Ball = The type of ball that the pokemon was catched (5= normal pokeball 1=MasterBall)
Catch method= it should be empty if its a wild pokemon , or just edit how you like :)
Friendship= The happiness of your pokemon
IsShiny= 0=no 1=yes
Atack= 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 ( [33,30,29]) The atack n1 of the pokemon its the atack n33 (tackle) , the 30 represents the MAX ammount of the pp that the atack can get ( edit it for infinite pp) , the 29 its the avaible pp for that atack
DV=The atacks that he will learn (im not shure of that , better not modified it )
Aditional data= More info about your poke ;)

This next one its to modify your character detaills and even teleport (for the last one you should know verry good the maps)

Name = Name of your current player , you can change it , then change the savefolder name too
Position= The coordenates where the player was last time when saving
MapFile= On which map was theplayer
Rotation = The camera angle
RivalName = If you think you didn't choose your rival a good name , there you can change it
Money= :ItsFree: modify it for infinite $$
Badges= The badges that you own (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16) (In the current version you can only get the badge 9 and 10 , the other ones are not avaible YET :D) If you want to modify this , be verry carefull , if you add only 1 badge be shure to write it with no coma after the number
Good = 1
Bad = 1,
If you add the coma , when you will load the game it will bring an error , and you won't play til you fix it.
If you want more than only 1 badge , then add the coma , but be shure to respect the rule : never add a coma at the last number
Good = 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
Bad= 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,
Gender= Male of Female , This in this version has not been verry usefull , you can be a boy with a girl sprite , or a girl with a boy sprite
Play time= Hours/Minutes/Secconds/Milisecconds (modify it at your favour)
OT=Its the player ID (when you catch a pokemon he will be registred with this number , but this number and the number on the pokemon can be easly changed )
Points= They doesn't have a use right now , in this ver.
Has pokedex= 0= NO POKEDEX O_O 1=Give the pokedex
ThirdPerson= 0=1st player view 1=Third player view , you can modify this ingame by pressing F5
Skin=You can change the player skin with one that you like from this folder:

Skin wrote: \Pokemon\Content\Textures\NPC

Location= Where you saved the game
BattleAnimations= 0= no animations at all ,1=Pokemons sprites are moving but you cant see the atacks , 2=Sprites are moving and you can see atacks
BoxAmount= The number of boxes that you have in Bill's PC
LastRestPlace/LastRestPlacePosition= Where you last recovered your pokemons
DiagonalMovement= 0=no diagonal moving 1=diagonal moving
RepelSteps= The steps that you have left til your repell will end

LastSavePlace/LastSavePlacePosition= Name says all
Difficulty= 0=easy 1=normal 2=hardBattleStyle= 0= No change 1= Change pokemon (i don't remember if was like that or it was inversed D: )saveCreated=In which .ver of the game , the profile was createdLastPokemonPosition= Where your Follower pokemon was last saved DaycareSteps= The steps that you accumulate in the whole play ( if you have pokemons in daycare , moddifing this could level your pokes faster)

Ok, Now before you modify somthing in your .txt files , be shure you made backups (i won't response for any pokemon loss) .When you finish editing the .txt files , be shure to LOAD THE GAME , not to click CONTINUE , if you click continue , the scripts won't upgrade

-> New Sound , Its more refreshing than the original sound and i would recommend this .After downloading the .rar , extract it in \Pokemon\Content folder , if it says to overwrite you click yes.

The sounds are from the 1YL mod , Which I didn't created it ~
You can download the FULL mod here : ( Pokemon3d.net ) which it contains the sound + 649 Pokemons + another story line.

If you have more ideas or you have problems just leave me a comment or give me a pm ;)

2nd part.
In this 2nd part i will show you how to change the bassics of a wild pokemon (warning , make backups of the files)

Someone wrote: \Pokemon\Content\Pokemon\Data

We go there and we select the pokemon we want to modify
For example , i choose a caterpie (pokemon #10)


I don't recommend to change many things in this file , because the 50% of the meaning of this file i don't understand it either

The Name, Number , Experience type , EggGroups,Base Egg steps , ItsGenderLess,Abillity, Machines , The FP, and the Moves shouldn't be changed because the part of this haven't been implemented or if its changed it could bug your game til it will be fixed

Base Experience : Change this to get a pokemon with a level higher or lower, depends on the amount of exp you place
Catch rate = 255 , it can allways be caught with 1 pokeball .You can change the pre. ammount to 255 to have an 100% chances to catch the pokemon
Base Friendship= 70=normal 0=A sad poke 150+= happy poke
IsMale= 50= 50% male 50þmale 0= 100þmale 100=100% male
Abillity1 = the 1st abillity that the poke have before he was catched (as wild poke)
abillity2 = the 2nd abillity that the poke have before he was catched (as wild poke)
Base infos -

Someone wrote: -HP-

By changing those , you can create a super pokemon
In a normal wild poke , those numbers should be low (20 , 30 , 40)
You can change them , the wild pokes will be super strong or super weak
CanFly / Can Swim = Not much to explain , 0=no 1=yes , when the game will be in a better version , when the fly or the surf will be implemented , the pokes will be able to use it or not .

Pokedex info= The info that appears in the pokedex of the poke
Scale(the pokes sprite size) = 1=normal poke size 0.5=Half of poke's size , 2=doubled the poke size
All the pokes can have theyr own size so I don't recommend changing this
EvolutionCondition= You can settle at which level the poke can evolve
Ex: 1,0,0,0,7,0,0,0,11
The pokemon will evolve at lvl 7 to the pokemon 11(will evolve by normal level)
If its a pikachu , the numbers should be somthing like this
It will evolve at the poke #26(raichu) by item ( the 2nd #1) and with the use of item #83(thunderstone)
You can change it to somthing like this :
Ex: 1,0,0,0,30,0,0,0,26
At level 30 he will evolve in Raichu (#26) with no need of stones

Edit 3 :

I just found out how to get the Easter Egg in Lavender Town , its verry easy tought :3
Follow closely the instructions

1:Be shure you are not a low heart , (there is slenderman in lavender)
2:Open your user .txt from this route \Pokemon\Save\username
3: Where it says Position , be shure to change that to :

Someone wrote:

4:Where it says map change it to lavender.dat

Someone wrote:


If you want to talk straight to slenderman :O (you will be in a bug part of the map , you won't be able to get out from this part only by teleporting ) insert this possition:

Someone wrote:

If you get buggy from the last parts , just insert this position and map , and you will be teleported to cherrygrove

Someone wrote:


To get out from the map , just enter any of the avaible doors (the shop / pokecenter / poketower)
and you will be teleported to cherrygrove pokecenter

When i will find more intresting things to edit in Poke3D i will upgrade this post , but by now , just share this post with more Poke3D fans .Thank you and remember , Script editing its easy ;)


Thanks for taking the fun out of a game

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amanojakugman Author

Thank you ;) , even if for you wasn't usefull , for other people might be.

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Visit the Pokemon 3D Forums on their site to the Argument on this. Its not taking the fun out of anything Dude -_-

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But how do you find the mod page in notepad?

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amanojakugman Author

the file are in .dat which is known to be edited in notepad

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After all those 404 errors, I finally got Pokemon3D! YES!!!

And thanks for the guide dude, it helped me a lot.

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how do u switch out from a pokemo in ur pokedex

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amanojakugman Author

just change numbers, 0-none 1-have 2-have shiny

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How do i connect multiplayer and how do i open the start menu thing?

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amanojakugman Author

multiplayer is Lan only, and open Start menu thing ? :c I dont understand

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when you press start in the handheld games and you see, pokedex, pokemon, bag, trainer card etc

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