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This is virtual help-center for Paradigm Worlds. If you want to learn more or just looking for a specific answer here you will learn at least where answer may be found.

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Quick guide.

  • Paradigm Worlds: Total Overhaul Mod for Warband - this page refers to original Paradigm Worlds prject, Total Overhaul mod for Warband. You can find recent information on update, list of features, a couple of useful hints and links. There is also a ink to most recent version download.
  • Core-Net Encyclopedia - this is page where you can learn and read about World of Paradigms. It describes basic world's concepts like 'nation' or 'eras'. In time this humble Encyclopedia will be developed, to give more detailed picture.
  • Free Role Playing Game System - currently still work in progress. The Idea is to create ready-to-play easy, flexible statistic mechanic system. It will be promoted by Paradigm Worlds projects, but goal that is on horizon is to make an RPG mechanic that could be used by any game, any dev, that could be a tabletop system, or any other. See page for further info.
  • Tutorials - Modding, 3D Objects, Game Design. Everything that is needed for a warband-modder or game developer to start own project. This site provides links and reviews to best and most efficient lectures / teachers. These tutorials are also about game design. In time - I would like to fill this place with interesting, amazing, inspiring works about all type of art. After all game design feeds with literature, painting, sculpture, and of course film, 3D Art, music, posters, photography.
  • MEDIA - This page is dedicated to note and thanks to all people who made a review, or movie, clip, etc. It also notes official reviews in media. If you are looking for support for your Paradigm Worlds project, you should check that page.
  • Downloads - 3D,FX,SFX, coding - This page currently features assets from Paradigm Worlds OSP : Warband mod. You may find there additional artwork, music, and first of all full code archive from version 001 to most recent. In time - this is project calculated for years - PW will provide own high-quality 3D assets, prepared in (probably) Blender in fbx file. Also all assets needed to create standalone game like: music, animations, sfx, user interface designs, and even whole game-template-engines.
    ALL ASSETS from New Paradigm Project are planned to be free and available for commercial use for anyone. * I personally enjoy a freedom of semi-amateur free projects, but Paradigm Worlds idea is to give as many options as possible for anyone for free.
  • Help, FAQ, Troubleshooting - this is the page

HOW TO PLAY Paradigm Worlds?

Tutorials describing features of Paradigm Worlds M&B:Warband Total Overhaul Mod

  • MAIN SITE version 1.99 Paradigm Worlds - categorized list of new milestone features
  • Eras - Paradigm Worlds offers four time settings / scenarios: learn how to pick right time for yourself
  • Relationships - Learn about depth of psychological interactions
  • Beginners - couple hints for starter
  • Commanding armies on world map. See how can you become fully operational strategist
  • FACTION EDITOR - In PW you can create your own scenario using this feature
  • DOOMSDAY CLOCK - Tutorial on how to play with World's End
  • BATTLE SYSTEM - Complete Breakdown. WARNING! This is very demanding material, it may hours to read it and days to understand it. It breaks down all aspect that have impact on battle simulation in Paradigm Worlds.

HOW TO MOD Paradigm Worlds or MB:Warband

check Tutorials section


Fastest way - is to comment on general site forum. Paradigm Worlds players rather do not write much or anything, but there are usually few active player veterans.

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