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Download the file, execute it in the main directory, make a shortcut of the braid.exe and expand it with the command '-universe schwab' at the end.

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Schwabs Music Mod for Braid

Important note: The full version of Braid is needed for this mod.

Content of this mod

The mod replaces the soundtrack of Braid with 8 new songs that I composed specifically for the game.
These are the songs autonomy, generativity, identity, industry, initiative, integrity, intimacy, trust, and a rhythmic version of intimacy. The other sounds and noises in the game are not changed. For a more details about the songs, you can step by on my website.
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1. Step

Please install the modification to the main directory of Braid, where the file 'Braid.exe' is located. The directory is usually 'C:\Program Files\Braid', but if you're not sure, check it first in your Explorer / My Computer. With Steam look for the directory 'C:\Steam\SteamApps\common\braid'.

2. Step

Create) Based on the structures of Braid a shortcut of the file 'Braid.exe' has to be created after the installation (right click on the file and create shortcut).

Now it needs the option -universe schwab in the target path of the shortcut.
(right click on the shortcut and select properties. Enter the tab 'shortcut' in the target option, eg. "C:\Program Files\Braid\braid.exe" -universe schwab)

With Steam:
The Steam version has no need for a shortcut. Instead, the option -universe schwab can be entered at the start options of Braid.
(mark Braid and go to properties. In the tab 'General' press 'set launch options ...'. There fill in the option.

Now, the modification can be started. Have fun!

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