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Post tutorial RSS Importing Props from 3DS Max to Source with Phyics Properties and Textures.

A complete step-by-step tutorial in exporting props from 3DS Max into Source/Half-Life 2. Covers physics creation, model and material compilation

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Okay, this tutorial explains how to get a custom prop model into the Source engine from 3DS Max.

3DS Max with Cannonfodder's or Wunderboy's SMD Exporters.
Adobe Photoshop with the .VTF plugin.
Half-life 2 installed
SourceSDK installed

If you encounter problems, please ensure you have run Half-life 2 at least once since
installing the SourceSDK and have restarted Steam.

I have uploaded the tutorial to a PDF for ease. Its a long, step-by-step tutorial and will take some some time for me to rewrite it here on this article. I'm working on it, but for now, please use the PDF! :) This way you guys get it faster!

You are free to distribute, edit, whatever with this tutorial, just be sure to give inital credit back to me, as it took some time to compile it all up. Good luck!

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This = WIN!

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