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We talked about our hero, Maunka last time, but there are quite a few things mentioned that were left unexplained, and today we want to start addressing some of the crucial elements making up a competitive experience.

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Heroes focuses on 5 major attributes in combat: Hit Point, Damage, Attack Speed, Move Speed, Combat Nature.

  • HP: or Hit Point describes a hero's life; depleting it would contribute a kill towards the controlling player.
  • Damage measures the power of that hero's auto-attack.
  • Moving Speed determines how fast the hero can run.
  • Attack Speed determines how fast a hero can execute auto-attack.
  • Combat Nature: is what allows a hero to unleash unique abilities. This attribute is more than just a stats. Heroes are primarily categorized by the two different Combat Natures: Power and Agility.

We talked about one of our Power Tanking heroes last time, Maunka, but what is a Power or Tank hero? Below are more specific categories defining each hero.

Besides relying on auto attack to deal damage to your enemies, abilities are crucial for survival or to deal additional damage.
Larger, stronger heroes use Powers to execute abilities. It always start at 0 and has a cap of 5. Each 2 offensive and incoming attacks will generate 1 power, and 1 incoming ability will grant 1 powers.
Speedy heroes usually utilize Agility for abilities. It always starts at a maximum value of 10. It regenerates itself 1 Agility per 1 second when staying idle or per 2 seconds while moving.

Damage Dealer heroes can burst massive damages in a short amount of time though they are susceptible to receiving large damages in return. You will want to target these glass cannons as priority in any match.
Tank heroes can absorb massive damages and deal moderate attacks to opponents. Speed is usually not of their concerns. Avoid targeting them as priority in a team match.

Range heroes are optimized when kiting their opponent keeping them at a distance.
Melee heroes perform their best engaging in close combat.



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