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This is an Introduction to my 2013 UDK Beginner to Advanced Tutorial Series. This will go for 50 Written Posts with Step by Step Instructions, Reference Images, Animated .GIFs & Links to where I learned from. Enjoy!

Posted by on - Basic Mapping/Technical

This is my Game Research Assignment at AiE for 2nd Year, 2013.I’ll be researching & Learning Unreal Development Kit (UDK) for 50 Posts a 3D Game Engine through Half of 2013.

Its one of the more difficult engines to use but much more friendly to an artist in its looks and programming is even available to a certain point with its built in Unreal Kismet/Matinee which can allow for a sort of visual programming to really bring your levels to life.

Tutorial List

MR-BUGGLES - - 22 comments

Hey there, Im new to the scene and Im looking to try and learn how to make a mod using a games content and I wanted to start off with modding aliens colonial marines, but Im not sure how to import the pulse rifle so I can give it the original look like from the movies, any help for a beginner would be great :)

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