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How do I install it?

Click on the "readme" file located in the download.

Should I credit you guys?

Saying "Monsters from Infected Spider - Upgraded" is enough credit! :)

Can I redistribute your mod as my own?

No. Please respect those who made the mod and do not redistribute it.

Where is the Amnesia and Penumbra monsters?

You can find the available Amnesia and Penumbra monsters located here and here respectively.

My monsters don't appear in-game!

Have the files been installed into your mod? Have you updated your resource file? Have you edited the files in anyway? Please check these problems as they are the most common bugs. We will not be supporting you if our mod bugs your game. This is a once-off project and we have no further wishes to help people with bug fixes.

Will you be releasing this on Steam Workshop?

No. Steam Workshop is more for campaigns and addons, not for assets.

Why can't I test these assets in a mod?

We want to make it simple to copy and paste into your mod, and we also though it would be stupid if we made it a full conversion campaign with a vanilla SOMA menu and the only things new are the monsters.

Happy Modding!

- TheDoctorPoo

buffjeffery - - 2 comments

Nice one guys this is a welcome addition to Soma modding.

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AMTeam Author
AMTeam - - 39 comments

Thank you very much! :)

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DezzyDez - - 6 comments

I think the instructions need to be a bit more clear, I'm not sure which mods folder/file to install it to. Do I install it in the mods folder the steam directory is located or the generated folder in the documents section? An example would help.

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AMTeam Author
AMTeam - - 39 comments

You need to put it in the mod folder in the Steam Directory. If you look at a mod in your Steam directory versus the pre-generated HPL3 mod folders you would know it was in the Steam Directory.

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