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Desura aims to support a wide range of mods how ever there are a lot of games that don't support native modding and as such mods need to replace game files. This can cause issues as two mods can replace the same game files.

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Desura supports the ability for mods to install in this way (refereed to as complex mod install) and here are some important things you should know about it.

How it Works

Complex mods works by not installing the mod till the user requests to run it. Thus when launching the mod, Desura checks to see if the mod conflicts with any game files and backs the files up, then installs the mod files and launches the mod. If another mod is selected to launch (or the game it self) Desura uninstalls the complex mod and then re-installs the backed up game files before launching/installing that mod.

Before Installing Complex Mods

Please make sure you remove any installed mods (not using Desura) from the game before installing a complex mod. This ensures that the game files are correctly backed up by Desura and that uninstalling of the complex mod leaves the game in a playable state.

Installing Game Updates

If you need to install game patches or expansion packs you need to make sure that no custom mod is currently installed otherwise Desura might revert some of the updated game files when it uninstalls a mod. Make sure you run the game at least once from the Desura Application as this will uninstall any complex mods.

A Word of Caution

Although Desura takes the utmost care in installing complex mods and backing up game data, sometimes game files can get messed up and this will result in a need to reinstall the game it self. Please dont delete random Desura files (as these may be your game backups!) and also check with third party mod installers to see if they mess with the way Desura works.

Dremth - - 1,400 comments

I was wondering how this was going to be handled. And now I know.

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Chrissstrahl - - 412 comments

It would be nice to have a list with conflicting software/installers/games. Best would be a list which can be edited by the users.

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Memphis-Ahn - - 4 comments

This sounds similar to the System Shock 2 Tool that you can activate/deactivate whatever mods you have installed and it will tell you if they conflict.
My question is how will this work with Steam games? Will there be an option to tick or will it detect automatically? If supported at all.

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redliqued - - 4 comments

ok i just installed half life 2 into my list and downloaded zombie master, i launch it and it just opens my steam, i dont get it.

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๖ۣۣۜDeathwish - - 6 comments

Well DumbAssMcGee! Steam is needed to open half life 2 so you can play your mod! :D

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moonwanderer - - 15 comments

I dowloded the star wars mode for mount and blades but i have the game on a cd. can you transport mount and blade from cd to desura???.

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feillyne - - 5,816 comments

How, on a CD?

If your game is installed to Program Files, Desura should be able to handle mods for it anyway.

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tonyshrmp - - 4 comments

HELP! whenever i download a mod it says i dont have mount and blade installed but i do!

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hadenyoyo - - 1 comments

how do i get to options form PLEASE HELP

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Boyd1 - - 1 comments

how do I use mods? I need a detailed explanation I'm new at this

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NinthElohim - - 7 comments

is there a way to transfer mods from ModDb to Desura?

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assassinhb35 - - 1 comments

i keep getting "need to verify files" i have done this action millions of times and i cant figure it out how to apply the mod

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Iand2399 - - 4 comments

i know how to download it also and im also getting the same results as you what can we do to fix this?

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