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This is a basic tutorial to get you started - Written by Gameboon to help new players.

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Realmstone Beginner Tutorial

Greetings, and welcome to this tutorial!
To start the game, press play and a screen will open. I recommend pressing multiplayer, and making an account. You will be asked for a House name, this will be your house’s nickname, and you will have the ability to recruit several characters to play with.

Once this is done and you have your account, join a server. You’ll probably want to go fullscreen now by going to the options menu with F10.Press F1 to go to the champions screen. Here you can recruit champions and choose which one to play by pressing the arrow icon, and you can level up champions by pressing the key-like button. In that screen you can also buy equipment for your champions.

If you look towards the top of the screen where you can see your champions displayed, you will notice a City and House tab. The city tab will give you information about how well the city you are currently living in is upgraded, while the House tab has an overview of possible upgrades that your House can buy, or has bought already.

In the House screen, one of the first things you should do once you have gathered some gold, is to buy a chapel, library or troop quarters. This will allow you to recruit different base classes of units to play with. You can even hire some farmers or other units to gather resources for you over time.Go back to the town streets. In the bottom you will see the ‘actions’ button. If you press it you can choose to go on a patrol. Patrols are missions where you fight enemies with some guards to help you out. It’s an easy way to get some experience points and realmstone shards. These shards can be used to unlock decorative/useful hats or start a town or unlock mounts.

These patrols regenerate over time, so if you do all of them you can come back later.If there’s another player nearby, see if you can leave the town together. You can do this by pressing Q.

You will now see the world map, with Parnassus in the middle. Walk around to find an ‘instance’. An instance with an ! in front of it is a city threat, and will yield a realmstone shard when defeated. You can enter an instance by walking over to it and pressing E. Sometimes you will encounter wandering monsters on the map. These will walk to towns and attack them, so you would be wise to kill them to save your (or someone else’s) town.Once in an instance, you must kill all the enemies to clear the camp/cave/ruin/castle. At the end of every instance is a loot chest. Open it before leaving the instance. Once you have the loot, you can either send it home (look for the send loot button whilst on the world map), or go back to the town to store it personally.

Now that you have some resources, buy a building in the House screen, or buy some new equipment for your Champion.Once your champion has enough experience, he will be able to level up, and depending on the starting class, you will have several directions to take this character in, and mix some abilities. Try to play with friends with other classes to complement each other.

his is the end of the basic tutorial. From now on you will have to discover things on your own.

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