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If you don't know how to use FoFiX, please read this first and this game is very complex. If you have any problems, please kindly contact us.

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Instructions for a first time installation

1. Download the full release of your choice.

2. Decompress the archive in a NEW folder of your choice.

- Do NOT attempt to merge this version with ANY OTHER version of Frets on Fire, including previous "MFH-Alarian" or "MFH" mods - the structure has changed significantly. FoFiX is a standalone game - not a mod or a patch.

3. Start the game.

- Windows: run FoFiX.exe

- GNU/Linux or MacOS X: run FoFiX

4. Set your settings.

5. Set your song folder.

- The first time you attempt to play you will be prompted to find your songs folder.

- It must be named songs but it may be outside the game folder structure.

6. Enjoy!

Getting your GH/RB controller to work

Please see Game Controllers.

Patch install instructions

While a patch is available for Windows 3.0xx->3.100, we recommend you download the full version.

IMPORTANT If you don't know how to open the .RAR compressed archives properly, consider 7-zip.

Additional themes

You can find a list of additional, up-to-date themes for FoFiX here. This is the most comprehensive list of themes known.

After downloading and extracting a new theme, move the theme's folder (which should be named after the theme you downloaded - such as "MegaLight" or "Starz") into your /data/themes folder. It should appear alongside your "MegaLight", "MegaLight GH3" and "UberLight" theme folders, and should be selectable under "Theme Settings" for use in-game.

PLEASE NOTE if you cannot get a basic version of Frets on Fire working, FoFiX will not fix your problem. We will not help you get the game working - there are plenty of support threads on this forum that can help you troubleshoot.

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