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Basic tips for indie games marketing, without any money. You can get know about Buyer Persona, directing content, AIDA, using tags, searching for audience, gaining promotion.

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In the very beginning of social media marketing you have to decide who are you looking for. Try to imagine your ideal client - his/her age, country, interests, social media websites, that he/she likes and whatever you find interesting and connected to your buisness. Just gather as many informations as you can. Find out who is your competition and learn their social media strategies. Now that you know about them, try to improve these tactics, be better at it. You now know your client and what he's expecting from you.

This client is called "buyer persona". It will be useful later.

Always remember about your buyer persona. All your content must be directed for that person. It must feel like a one sided conversation. Be a friend for your client, not a merchant.

When you're making a new post on social media of your choice, you must remember few simple rules.

First - try to make an eye catching headline. It had to be simple, short and interesting enough to convince someone to read the whole text. Think about it as an "interest" part.
Second - make an interesting text. Think about it as a "desire" part. In this part you have to convince your client that he is into this, what you're doing. When you try to sell something, have in mind, that it's way better to tell people about benefits of having something more than listing features. It feels more personal.
Third - a post should always end with an "action" part. It could be asking for likes/subscribes, feedback, opinion or just something simple, to make people comment on it.

Headline and photo must speak together as one.

The photo will probably be the main eye catching element, but you have to use its' impact to make people learn more about you. If photo matches the headline, there is a bigger chance to make someone interested in reading rest of the text you wrote. Maybe even search for more... who knows?

In the beginning it's really hard to gain audience, especially, when you haven't any money to promote yourself. You must be prepared for finding it manualy.

Search for groups, forums and people, who can be interested in your game. Hashtags can help you a lot here. Don't be afraid to spam people with invitations, but try to keep it personal. Say why you invite them, why they may want to join.

A lot of hashtag actions, like #FollowFriday or #ScreenshotSaturday, that can generate traffic on your profile. Decide which hashtags fit your content and use them.

You don't have to pay someone to promote you.

There are a lot of situations, where both sides are gaining something. The most common example are articles. Someone can publish your articles on his/her website and you can then share it with your audience. You now have reach on this site and he/she has few new viewers from you. He earns money from ads, you will earn some from sales.

Before you message someone with a proposition, keep in your mind both your and his profits.

To avoid situations, when your work is shared somewhere without credit, mark all your content with your own, special layout. On it, you'll probably want to place a company/game name with a logo. You can also leave some space free for some text.

It looks more professional and it will protect your work from being stolen.

If you have any questions about article, or you just want to discuss something, you can do it here or on our Discord server: discord.gg/kVvvsBP

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