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Post tutorial RSS Abducted by Billy - WALK-THROUGH!

So, I'm finally releasing a walk-through for ABB, since I've realized (through some YouTube searches) that nobody can get past level 3.

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--------Abducted by Billy--------



Author's Note: As I said in the mod summary, I wanted this to be challenging for any skill level of player. You'll notice the game will be (very) dark for the first few maps, (this is because you don't have a lantern, duh) but I wanted it that way for a better sense of progression. I also put it in a part of the story where you're going to need it the most. Also, since I have working light switches it's not all that necessary to have a lantern until the point where you obtain it.

I hope you have fun playing my custom story! And if it's too hard for you, please don't let that affect how you rate it. It's meant to be hard, man.

Level 1:

- Use the shovels to either side of you to get the key Billy dropped in front of you before he left. Use the "Rotate Objects" key and the mouse wheel to drag the key close enough to pick it up!

- Proceed to the next room before you die, and turn the lights on.

- After the monster is released, the hallway key spawns in the bathroom tub. Use it to open the locked door near the cabinet.

- Go to the third door down and turn the lights on.

- In the room with the big chandelier, open the middle drawer to the right of the cabinet and get on top of the drawers. Now you can pick up the head on top of the cabinet and sacrifice it to our lord Satan with the pentacle on the floor.

- After the monster breaks in, follow him to the next room and find the Exit Key and the Dungeon Key in there.

- Exit Key: In the desk in the middle of the room; the one facing towards the door of the next room.

- Dungeon Key: Use either the kog-wheel in one of the drawers in the back corner, or the rock on the table next to the door to smash the glass on the display waaaayy in the back corner of the room. It's under the book inside the display.

Level 2:

- Use the Dungeon Key to unlock door near the TV.

- Find the Acid Jar in the lab.

- Use the turned-over chair in the hallway to jump up to the hanging chain on the wall. Grab it with the mouse button. Then, holding shift, jump from chain to lamp to get across towards the TV. At the end you will find a hole in the wall that leads to the storage room.

- Use the Acid Jar on the Acid Barrel to obtain some acid.

- Jump across the chains and lamps again to the other side and use the Acid on the Mutilage blocking the way

- Repeat the last 3 steps.

- Go back across one more time and grab the Hand Drill piece.

- Under the carpet in the last flooded room is a Hand Drill piece and a Hammer.

Level 3:

- Use the Hammer on the bricks inside the closet false wall.

- Grab the Drill Bit.

- Use the Hand Drill on the padlock at the end of the hall.

Level 4:

- Pick up a rock and break the padlock of your cell.

- Go to through the door to your right and make another right. Go through the door at the end of the hall.

- You'll now be back in the level 3 area, And a Lantern has been placed on the book shelf.

- You can choose to look at the multiple TV scenes or skip it entirely by not going in front of the TV.

- Go back to the cell room

- Go through the door to your right. Escape the monster and let it break the closet door in the cell room for you.

- Enter the closet.

- Grab the shovel and take it through the hallway across the cell room. Then go down the hall to the right and enter the first door to your left.

- Use one of the shovels to break the cabinet's lock. Swing it at the doors or throw it, either works.

- Find and align 2 shovels with the outlines. The same goes for 2 saws. Find and align in the closet.

- Grab the key in the opened lockbox to the left of the cabinet.

- Use the key on the last undiscovered door in the dusty hallway.

- Grab the key on the sofa in the back.

- Avoid the monster and leave the room.

- Go back to the stairway where the monster first spawned and unlock the door at the top of the stairs.

- Leave.

Level 5:

- Look at the moon behind you. Isn't it pretty?

- Go down the steps and start running left.

- Go across the grass field to the burning furnace.

- Go into the cabin.

- Eat the food and drink Water or Wine.

- Avoid the monster and leave the grass field.

- Go down the road and continue straight to level 6.

Level 6:

- Go down the road and take the fork right.

- Enter the house through the broken window on the left side.

- Go upstairs and try one of the doors.

- Go back downstairs and drink the wine (and collect the key)

- Collect the Crowbar if you haven't already done so.

- Go back upstairs and unlock one of the doors.

- Go across the bedroom and collect the key.

- Go back outside.

- Unlock the basement door, and enter.

- Use the Crowbar on the chest.

- Use either the barrel or brick to throw at the placed Crowbar thus breaking the lock on the chest.

- Avoid the monster and leave the basement.

- Go down the road and take the fork to the right and proceed to level 7.

Level 7:

- Continue down the road, and go down the hill.

- To escape the monster, go to the top of the hill. There's a safe spot inside the rocks to the right.

- Once the monster passes, continue down the hill and at the fork make a right.

- You will notice the bridge to continue is broken! So, go back and continue straight the other way. (You can explore this whole area, and you'll notice it's one giant cliff! You're gonna have to repair that bridge somehow.)

- Look through the swamp for an abandoned cabin foundation.

- Use the planks on the foundation to get back to the road. (TIP: Use 2 planks to put one in the water and run across with the other in hand and put it down. Then grab the one you ran across and put it in front of the one you're on. Repeat as necessary to get across the swamp!)

- Once you've reached the road, take one of the planks over to the bridge and place it there!

- Cross the bridge.

-The End-

perceptionist Author
perceptionist - - 34 comments

You're welcome!

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KoffiyaProject - - 10 comments

I do not find the Drill Bit in the third level, it isn't behind the bricks !

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perceptionist Author
perceptionist - - 34 comments

Huh... maybe it bugged out of the back wall when you knocked out a brick. Just reload a previous save file and you should be able to find it. Knoxk out the bottom left brick and pull it out with the mouse wheel.

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Guest - - 692,441 comments

Hey, please, please tell me where the dungeon key is. :) Yes, I am going insane! LOL help a girl out!

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Guest - - 692,441 comments

Don't worry, I found it!

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perceptionist Author
perceptionist - - 34 comments

Cool :)

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