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Post tutorial RSS 4 Quick Tips for Concept Artists who want to be in Gamiing

Concept artist are great and generally their art speaks for themselves but here is two hints to help you get to/impress game devs and two tips to help you expand your game art.

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Quick Notes for Concept Artists

1) Use Concept Artist instead of 2d Artist in your blogs and job apps. If 2d Art or Graphic Design is part of your remit then add those also i.e Artist [Concept/2d /PR Art/Pixel/Toons] but put no more than 3 in brackets.

2) Concept Art for 3d and FINISHED characters for 2d & cartoons often use a standard layout. 1 or 2 in your portfolio to have ready will help make additional impression. I have included an example below. IMPORTANT: 3d Designers place front and side inside their 3d workspace - A good one will draw YOUR exact character. The example below has a near perfect style YET the really important thing is the layout.

3) An easy way into the In-Game art world for Concept Artists is to mimic the styles found in Don't Starve, Darkest Dungeon or Rebirth of Isaac, Simply scan your drawing into a Graphics editor (GIMP is free) and use the Pen/Pencil tool to do the outline. Alternatively use Inkscape (free software) and create 2d Vectors.

Joanna Smith - UK Military by WillowXDa

4) If you get an Input Tablet you can just draw the way you know how to:

Huion 8 Express Keys USB Graphics Pen Drawing Tablet - H610

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