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Post news RSS ZpellCatz "Tool and the Tip" Update 0.92.0

Tooltips are coming to ZpellCatz. You can try them in the new patch of the Pumpkin Prologue. Want to know what has been changed? Read on.

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*** General ***
- Slightly increased base movement, animation and shot speed (115% -> 120%)
- Added more epic items
- The currency "coin" is called "Thaler" from now on
- Small bug fixes

*** Balance ***
- Adjusted Int%, Vit%, Mind%, HP%, Def% and Spo% drop table on special and rare items
- Adjusted soft cap and maximum for various stats
- Slightly adjusted / increased values for most passive skills
- Added more teleporter rooms to large dungeons (e.g. Pumpkin Ruins)

*** UI ***
- Added tooltips to various UI elements
- UI adjustments
- Notification UI is now hidden when talking to NPCs

*** Mechanic Changes ***
- Items can now be sold to the merchant, too

*** New Features ***
- Added a new type of dungeon rooms: "Friendly Rooms"
- Friendly rooms provide some coins and don't spawn enemies

*** Pumpkin Prologue ***
- Parina's quest step "sell item" can now also be completed by selling to the merchant NPC
- Pumpkin Ruins now contain some "Friendly Rooms" to pseudo-decrease dungeon size (without changing the minimap shape)

Full Changelog

Here are some screenshots that show some of the newly added tooltips:

tooltip hp

tooltip purchase compare

tooltip room info

tooltip skills

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